Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen*

Thirteen cookies & treats on my 2009 Christmas baking list:

1. Chewy Chocolate Cookies (check!)
2. Snickerdoodles (check!)
3. Pumpkin-Cranberry-Oat Cookies
4. Easiest Fudge Ever. In the History of the World.
5. White-Chocolate-Cranberry Shortbread Cookies (but only to share with people who have never had these baked by my mom)
6. Buster Bars (which are so good that I named them after myself!)
7. Minty Thins
8. Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies
9. Chocolate Chip Cookies
10. Candy Cane Cookies (just like my grandma's! only drizzled with chocolate & crushed minties!)
11. Saltine Toffee
12. Buckeyes
13. Snickers Surprise Cookies

I originally had only 12 things on my list (because 12 seemed like a good number for Christmas treats--12 days of Christmas, a dozen cookies, etc. It just made sense)...but after a friend at ScrapVillage mentioned the Snickers Surprise Cookies, I had to add them!

*The Thursday Thirteen is something I saw on this blog and learned a little more about here. It's simply a blog meme where participants make a list of thirteen things on Thursdays. Makes sense, huh? The list can be anything you want it to be, there isn't a weekly topic or prompt.
Beware, you might see a sudden increase in the number of meme posts on this blog. But don't get too attached, because bloggy stick-to-it-iveness is not necessarily my forte'.


Tracie said...

I'll be coming by your house for cookies.....just let me know what time will be good for you :)

Happy TT!

Hootin' Anni said...

#10 sounds scrumptious.

My 13 is notations of a special holiday long will it take you to figure out what song it is? You'll need to scroll down a bit below my Thursday Thunks to find my 13 --they are posted if you'd like to stop by for a visit today....HERE

Have a great Thursday.

Dawn said...

At least you already have some of your baking done. I am impressed! I love Buckeyes. I might have to add those to my list. :-)

I am Harriet said...

YUM! I'm ready to sample :)

Adelle Laudan said...

They all sound sinfully delicious. I'd add haystacks to the list. A big hit in our house.

Happy T13!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Making my dieting stomach ache with its lust for chocolate.

Visiting From SITS

Martha in PA said...

Yummy cookie list. I love candy cane cookies. We made buckeyes last year.. they were yummy, but lots of work!

My Thursday 13

Quincifer said...

Popped over from SITS...

Oh god, just reading that list is making me hungry!!!
I am going to have to search for some recipes for some of these hehe.

Thanks for tempting me! :P

Gel said...

Now my sweet tooth is acting up. I'd love the recipe for those candy cane cookies and minty thins! Enjoy the season.

Americanising Desi said...

yummy yum yum :)

Paradox of Our Time

Anonymous said...

Your Aunts and I made nut cups, spritz, rugelach, kolachky, cutout,choc chip, oatmeal, choc filled snowballs, pistachio lime, snickerdoodles, lemon, strawberry, peanut butter, peanut butter blossoms, coconut cherry, funfetti, chocolate balls, brownies, texas sheet, barto pumpkin bars,whit choc cran shortbread,choc dipped logs, thumbprint, misc breads for the bake sale we had. that variety makes a great cookie tray. we could have used your candy cane cookies. love MOM

Spice said...

Love your list. I was craving chocolate last night and am now craving it even more. :)

Ornery's Wife said...

Love Christmas goodies, but they don't necessarily return the favor! :) My baking is all done, and I am now focused on the healthy stuff. Happy TT!!

i beati said...

I make # 8

Nap Mom said...

So, I'm just gonna just steal this list and title it... 13 Things I WANT for Christmas! Baked goods are my absolute favorite! Good luck!

Betty said...

Oh noooooo!! Don't tempt me! I have to diet for my wedding in January, can't afford to be tempted with these!!

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