Thursday, November 12, 2009

A 12 of 12 in which I left the house....

I have to interrupt the Scotland "travelogues" to share my 12 of 12. It's a good one because the photos aren't all of my living room (although I did sneak a couple of living room photos in, because it just wouldn't be my 12 of 12 if there weren't some lame living room photos thrown in there!)

So this was a pretty exciting 12 of 12, because: 1. I remembered that it was the 12th. 2. I had plans to leave the house. 2. I had plans to leave the house and go to London. and 3. I had plans to leave the house, go to London, and meet up with another 12 of 12er! Oh, and 4. I had 5 articles of handmade-by-me knitwear with me.

But it wouldn't be MY 12 of 12 if I hadn't let plenty of photo ops just pass me by. Here is the 12 of 12 that will exist only in my mind:
1. 6 tubes of wrapping paper falling out of the closet when I removed my blue coat.
2. Me remembering to put my running clothes in the washing machine. This would've been hard to photograph, as it did not actually happen.
3. The 4 balls of yarn I put in my bag as a reminder of just how much I overestimate myself sometimes.
4.  The clock in my car, to prove that I managed to leave the house even earlier than I had planned. Miracle!
5. A new parking pass machine at Epping.
6.The girl filing her nails on the tube. I wonder if she does this every morning. She had really nice nails.
7. My hazelnut hot cocoa.
8. A singing vacuum cleaner in the underground station. No photos without a donation. And I used all my change in that new parking meter.
9. The Christmas garland decorating Debenham's department store.
10. UniQlo- another reminder of Okinawa!
11. Frogging the three rows of new knitting project I started on the ride in, and casting on again...twice. 
12. The super-hot actor Channing Tatum sitting next to me on the tube and asking if he could hold my hand. It exists in my mind, and you can't disprove it!

And here are the 12 of 12 that actually exist in photo-form:
1. 0800- Tottenham Court Road, London. Helen said that an easy place to meet would be the Dominion Theatre and that I couldn't miss it because there is a big bronze Freddie Mercury and a huge "We Will Rock You". She wasn't kidding!

2. 1045-(I camera is still on Okinawa time and I'm too tired to figure it out) National History Museum, London. A dinosaur! Don't be scared, this diplodocus is a plant-eater! And he's dead and has no muscle tone whatsoever.

3. 1055-National History Museum, London. On to the primates! Chimps are cute! Even though I read a friend's facebook status this evening and it said something about a bad chimp that was featured on Oprah. I still think they're cute. Mom, tell Aunt Cookie that neither of these guys stuck their tongue out at me.

4. 1120-National History Museum, London. There is something out there that is cuter than a chimp. Waaaaaaay cuter...and it's called a moose! I thought this would turn out to be a bad picture (and you may think that it did) but as it so happens, it's an excellent picture. How could a picture with a MOOSE in it be anything but excellent?

5. 1135-National History Museum, London. The museum building is really beautiful! If you want to see photos that really do it justice, you should probably check Helen's blog. She takes so much care in taking her photos and actually takes more than 12 seconds to get her camera out, turn it on, snap a picture, turn it off, and shove it back in her bag. Which is probably why her photos are always so great and mine are always so... not quite as nice.

6-dry ice
6. 1200-Science Museum, London. The 3rd floor of the museum had all kinds of things to play with. Now, we all know we shouldn't actually play with dry ice, but this exhibit was fun to watch.

7-thermal imaging
7. 1205-Science Museum, London. This is Helen and I as thermal images. The light spots are the warm spots and the dark spots are colder. I am the one with the cold nose and cheeks. And freezing cold glasses.

8. 1210-Science Museum, London. These magnets reminded me of the same sort of activity at the museum we went to in Fort Lauderdale. David and I spent quite some time building towers of magnets there. Partly because the longer we played, the longer we got to stay in the airconditioned museum, but mostly because connecting magnets together is just plain fun! I will have to bring him here because there was lots of fun stuff!

9. 1330-Dee's Diner, Debenham's, London. Yesterday Helen e-mailed me and asked if there was anywhere particular I wanted to go for lunch. She said that there's a diner in this department store and that they have fun milkshake flavors like Rolo and Oreo. I think she went on to talk about some other food options, but I'm not sure. She does not know me well enough yet to know that once I hear or read "milkshake," I've checked out of the conversation... there is only one thing on my mind, and it is cold, thick, and, preferably, chocolatey. Like my Rolo Milkshake.

10. 1845-Living Room, Thetford. I promised you living room photos, didn't I? I had a lovely day touring and chatting with Helen, but I was glad to get home, because it meant that my hour and a half drive from Epping was over and that I could turn on my Christmas tree!

11. 1915- Living Room, Thetford. Time for jammies and slippers! I loooooove my new slipper boots. I try not to let them make me think about the slipper boots I'm knitting for myself but need to rip back quite a bit. They are hiding because they don't want to depress me any more than they already have.

12. 2100-Living Room, Thetford. My Amused sweater, which I am determined to finish tomorrow, one month after starting it. I have just a little bit of sleeve left, and the collar. The title of this photo is, "Get off the computer and Knit!", but I think I will get off the computer and sleep. After all, I have until tomorrow to finish it! I'm not happy with the way the yarn is pooling in the 2nd skein I used. :(

Anyway, thanks for reading about my 12 of 12. And, Helen, thanks for doing 12 of 12 with me today!
Tomorrow, I'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming (Another Scotland blog entry).


BU said...

Sounds like a fun 12 of 12! It's been a while since I cross-pollinated with another 12er.

TJ said...

Nice photos. It sounds as if you may have had a good time on your adventure into the city. I hope so. Thanks for sharing part of your day.

Schmitt´s said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful day! And I agree: for an milkshake with Rolo flavour I would do a lot..!!! ;-)

But tell me - do you really already have a christmas tree in your living room??? Wow... really on time! ;-)

Best wishes from Cologne
from Britta and the cute dog! :-)

P.S. Thank you also for your wonderful Scotland-photos - they are fantastic!!!

Pete said...

Great job Becca! The Natural History museum is a great place to visit, and I think if memory serves its free too.
Nice to see 12ers joining together :)

Jill said...

I did not make the connection between you and Helen till I saw your 2nd photo. That building is amazing! Looks like you had a fun day (drooling over the milkshakes right now)... thanks for sharing.
- Jill

RDOwens said...

Wonderful shots. The museum looks splendid.

Thanks for sharing.

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Wow! What a day! Dinosaurs, chimps, a moose! I looove natural history museums! Never been to England(it's actually on my "to do" list!), but I have great souvenirs from the one in Washington DC!

And a Christmas tree already?!? It looks good, though!

(et merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire sur mon blogue!) ;¬)

Dogeared said...

Here at last! And your photos seem familiar ;-)

I love your tree and your slipper boots! They look so warm and cosy... *daydreams*

Hibe said...

Christmas tree? I'm thinking someone lives just for Christmas? Read Helen's blog first so I think I'm having just a bit of deja vu going on. Now a moose when it's stuffed may appear to be cute, but live is a different story. I knew you and Helen were cute, but after looking at that thermal I have to say you are two hot chicks... :) Sorry for the cornball humor, just in my nature. :) If I ever get working on my bucket list, I'll have to stop by dee's for one of those burgers and chips. The milkshake sounds good, but my parents had a restaurant (3 actually) when I was growing up (still working on that growing up thing) and we had 51 flavors of milkshakes not to mention sundaes and banana splits. Loved to make (eat more so) hot fudge banana splits with chocolate ice cream. My favorite was a concoction I made up of half an orange Slurpee (in case you don't have them in the UK, that's a surgary icy drink that will give you severe brain freeze) and half vanilla milkshake. It tasted like a Creamsicle. Now I pay for all those youthful wasted calories with tons of extra pounds, diabetes, and low carb diets ...but I do cheat now and then (shhh... don't tel Gillian McKeith) :)

Now after all that talk of ice cream and milkshakes I've probably sent a milkshake junkie like you scurrying off to the local creamery.

Enjoy, but don't over do it. :)


yippie!! more chimps here then on helen's!! thank you!! i now have a craving for milkshakes...who should i blame now?!
glad to see you've done your holiday decorations, as i've also done mine (almost accidentally...)
love those boots!! almost envious...
see you next month!!

~Sheryl said...

Looks like a fun day with Helen. It think it would be cool to meet up with someone and do a 12 of 12, but I don't know any that live close.
Thanks for sharing your day and stopping by my 12 of 12.

TuxBaby said...

Hi Bec-
Thanks for checking out my 12s! I love the science museum stuff when there are hands-on exhibits to play with! :-) Love the crazy ape heads, too.

Architecture in my corner of the world is just NOT as beautiful and awe-inspiring as it is in your world! Beautiful!

You mentioned P90X on my 12s... it's an awesome workout! Not easy- but VERY effective! If you ever want to know more, please feel free to contact me. I'm doing it right now (again) and I see new curves and shape showing up & I love it! :-)

I love yarn crafting too- except I don't know how to knit- I crochet. Too bad I don't live closer to you- you could teach me to knit!

Great "meeting" you through the 12's- you seem to be a very cool person!


khowaga said...

Channing Tatum? I'd totally support that one for ya :)

Between you and Helen, I always miss London. I must get back there soon!!

Lovely 12 :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good day. looks like your ornament collection has grown. and you've got your tree up before me. LOVE MOM

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