Friday, November 06, 2009

November Goal #6

We made it through all 7 legs of the journey to Edinburgh, Scotland. Make sure you are saying "Edinburrah" when you read these next few entries. Otherwise you won't sound like a real Scottish lass or lad, even if you are wearing a kilt.
It took us longer to get to the airport than it did to get to Edinburgh. We left the house at about 6:45, drove to base to catch the 7:45 airport shuttle, got there shortly after 10. We had to take the airport tram to our terminal, so we're counting that as another leg in the journey. There are little trivia facts that play on the tv as you travel to your terminal, so we learned something interesting. I just don't remember what it was!
We hop on our plane and I doze off for what felt like 15 minutes. And when I opened my eyes, we were there! In reality it took just under an hour and a half.
After I chose the hotel, I wrote them and asked if there was an airport shuttle and, if not, what did they recommend as the best transport to/from the airport. They wrote back and suggested a taxi and said it would cost about 20 pounds each way. That's like 30-something dollars (I think) so I was a little reluctant. I decided that once we got to the airport, we would check and see if there was a bus service that would get us close to our hotel. We are fit and only had carry on bags, so I was sure that if we got close to the city centre, we'd be able to make it the rest of the way on foot. It turns out, I made a very wise decision! The bus only cost 3 pounds each, and it was less than 5 minutes walking to our hotel.
So actually, I guess that's only 6 legs to our journey: car, bus, train, plane, bus, walk.
We loved Scotland right away!! I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but right now, I'm exhausted (we were up by 3am to start the 6 legs of the journey back!) and I want to finish a digital scrapbook page before I go to sleep... there is a Virtual Crop at ScrapVillage this weekend!!


Amy said...

How wise of you! I am glad your trip was so wonderful. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear your stories!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading about Scotland and seeing the pictures in your blog. I am going to be checking out scrapvillage, too.
Love Mom

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