Monday, January 05, 2009


(said in my best Barney (not the purple dinosaur) voice)

One of the blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader belongs to Ali Edwards. She does lots of scrapbook related projects that I always think are fantastic but never quite get around to making one of my own. Well, one of her other "projects" that she does each year is One Little Word. Since all you have to do is pick a word, I decided there was no excuse for me to skip this project.

I really wanted my word to be Legendary, because I am obviously obsessed with How I Met Your Mother right now. But I decided to go with "Accomplish" instead. I think my word choice might have something to do with the fact that I've been fairly lazy the past few weeks, living in pajamas or dirty running clothes. Sometimes I went straight from dirty running clothes back to pajamas. Daily personal hygiene routines are overrated.
I decided I needed to start accomplishing things around the house. Maybe the PCS Elves are not pushing the paperwork we need for our orders through because they've been sneaking into our house when we're sleeping and know that we're not ready! I wish they would be more like the little elves that visited the shoemaker though and clean up some of my stuff. But since they're not, I'm going to work each day on getting ready to move. It's not actually that hard to get ready for a military move, because you don't have to pack anything yourself. So I just need to sort, toss and clean up a little.
Today I got a lot of things accomplished:
-Cleaned up a huge mess in my "hobby room" which doubles as David's "dressing room". And triples as a "guest bedroom" when we actually have guests. And quadruples as the "hide all the other messes in the house" room when we host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner or other events.
-Changed out of pajamas.
-Ran 6 miles.
-Scanned a pile of files. Still have a few more scanning sessions to go. I am so happy that I will not be leaving here with any paper copies of teacher stuff--worksheets, notes from professional development workshops, etc. are all digital copies.
-Took a shower.

Here are the things I'm going to accomplish tomorrow:
-Wash dishes
-Scan more files
-Fold clothes that have been in the dryer since Friday.
-Wash sheets and towels

And because accomplishing is so much fun I want to do it morning til night, here are the things I'm going to accomplish TONIGHT:
-Finish the mitt part of my thrummed mittens (those fluffy brown & pink things)- thumbs will be later in the week.
-Watch the premiere of Rock of Love 3. Watching this show always makes me feel VERY accomplished.


SusieH said...

Way To Go on the scanning - that's a super idea! Sorry about the PCS fairies but I think you're being really clever and resourceful to prepare while you wait, and wait, and wait...

onescrappychick said...

YAY for you! I keep forgetting you aren't working anymore. Going back to school today sucked. AND I love your upside down daisy hat.. I ordered the yarn for one for my to-be-born-soon niece and I'm STILL waiting for it to get here. (sigh)

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