Monday, January 26, 2009

Shopping List-part 3

My mom said to limit the number of shoes I pack in my suitcase since they take up more room....and I limited it quite by accident:
They're all in there somewhere. Or maybe in one of the many many other boxes that look just like these.
I do have 3 pairs of running shoes... the ones that are old and I just walk around in them (will wear those on the plane), my newest ones that I currently wear, and a pair that's not new anymore but not new yet either which I decided to bring in case it is still snowy and my shoes get wet. I also have a pair of flip flops, but something tells me I won't be using those very much.

I couldn't resist buying myself a little welcome home present...some cute blue shoes!
Black, White & Blue
Black, White & Blue - by BeccaAgain on
Black & Blue
Black & Blue - by BeccaAgain on


Anonymous said...

you still have shoes at home. wait until you see the styles from five years ago! see you soon love MOM

Cyndi said...

OMG. You are so addicted! Ha... :o)

Don't worry, we'll just go bargain shopping and buy some new pairs.

Dogeared said...


And as for toad-in-the-hole... it is sausages in batter (or sometimes mashed potato). I happen to prefer veggie sausages usually to meat ones. But my photo has veggie sausages in the batter (soft and slightly doughy underneath/between the sausages, and firmer around the sides) in beef gravy. Sometimes I put veggies with it too. I'll introduce you to it when you're over here! When do you get to the UK?

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