Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shopping List- part 2

The theme for the next shopping list is DENIM:
Skinny black jeans.
Jeans. (Both David and I need new jeans...and I'm trying a new pants-buying strategy. When I find a pair I like, I'm buying 2 to hem for wearing with heels and one to hem for wearing with flats.)
Grey jeans. I have some grey pants, but I love the faded look of grey jeans.
A light denim jacket. Already have a dark one.

Possibly a cute yellow shirt...might have to opt for a different color because I'm not sure yellow is right for my coloring. I'll have to try one on!

Yellow & Black
Yellow & Black - by BeccaAgain on

Yellow & White
Yellow & White - by BeccaAgain on
The accessorizing here is pretty daring for me...I rarely remove my Timex Ironman sporty watch!
Grey & Yellow
Grey & Yellow - by BeccaAgain on
I have a cute pair of grey shoes...but these are so much cuter! love the bows & sparklies!

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Cyndi said...

Cute, cute... cute!! Shopping, definitely, can't wait!! And stamping afterwards is just a plus. So the way I added the slide was to . Go to the embedded area and there is an area to choose Large Slide. Hope you can see it.

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