Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping List--part 1

I have mixed emotions about moving... I would probably be more excited if my move were going a little more smoothly. The weather will be hard to leave behind (if I were moving in June [2008] like I was originally supposed to, I would be ecstatic to be getting out of the hot Okinawa summer!). There are still some new restaurants I want to try and some old ones I want to have again before we go. I'll miss the friends that are still here. And of course leaving here means that David will be leaving soon too...for a whole year. Now, I DO like my alone time (a lot) but I know that I'll miss having him around. I have to pack a month and a half or more's worth of my life into 2 70 pound or less suitcases. And I have to do that by Thursday or Friday, because that's when the movers are coming. Sure, I've known for a long time that I'd be moving this month, but you'd think I'd get more than 2 days notice when it's actually happening.

But of course I'm happy to be moving for lots of other good reasons, the most obvious of which is that I get to go home!! To my other home. My main home, real home, or as the military refers to it, my "home of record". My non-government issued home! I'm going to see my family and my mom will make me delicious dinners and I will cuddle with my kitties. I might even get to ride in a car that's going over 40 miles per hour!!!! I will be able to make a phone call without calculating a time difference first. I will play Uno with my grandma and see my new baby cousin. I will see snow!!! (Right?) I'll get to hang out with some of my BFFs and walk into a restaurant without wondering if it will have an English menu. And... I get to go shopping!!!!! There are stores here, and I have shopped at a few, but it's just not the same... fashion here is a little too edgy for me. Of course, there's always the BX, where you can buy something cute that EVERYONE else has, or something kind of ugly that nobody else wanted. Online shopping...blech. I'm totally over it. I want to go to a store and be surrounded by clothes. I want to spin the "rounders" (I still have a very expansive sales girl vocabulary from my days at the Limited Too). I want to try something on before I buy it and walk around with shopping bags.

I've been spending lots of time thinking about what I want to buy...and trying to pack my suitcase accordingly so I have room for new. Although my mom says I can have a garage sale with the old. In the past, oh...27 hours or so, I've become completely and utterly addicted to Polyvore where I've been browsing cute outfits people have put together, and making my own while writing out a "wish list" of things I want to look for while I'm home.
First on the list: Tall Brown Boots! I've been wanting these since we were in Australia and all the cute and fashionable Aussies were wearing them. Over their jeans, with skirts, with long shorts, under their dress pants.
So, here are some outfits I created centered around brown boots and a brown skirt:
Orange & Brown
Orange & Brown by BeccaAgain
Cream & Brown
Cream & Brown by BeccaAgain
Turquoise & Brown
Turquoise & Brown by BeccaAgain


Dogeared said...

Those are some mighty cute outfits!

Anonymous said...

Quit praying for snow, it was coming down again today. Can you get here soon,so you can enjoy it?
Orland, Oakbrook, Woodfield, Macy's Chicago - they're all waiting for you - and so am I. Good luck on deciding your 140 lbs. Avoid packing too many shoes and dress in layers. Love MOM

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