Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Feet

I know it's not really cold here, compared to every where else, but I'm really cold!
My feet are freezing! Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my friend Katie's house and at the base where she lives, they don't have heat!! My feet were freezing the whole time, and still freezing after I came back to our heated home after dinner.
When I was trying to fall asleep, I couldn't because my feet were so cold. I tried doubling up on socks, I tried warming my feet on David's legs (he's like a furnace!), I tried taking the socks off and rubbing my feet as fast as I could to produce friction...nothing worked. I thought I would never fall asleep because I was so distracted by how freezing my feet were.

But then I remembered this super gift that Santa brought... a heating pad! I fell asleep with my feet warming up under the heating pad (it shuts off automatically after an hour). It must have done the trick, because when I woke up, I was nice and warm...and on top of all the covers!


Anonymous said...

..and you're looking forward to wearing your winter coats? you should be here. It is 11 degrees below zero! with a wind chill of -34. how could I walk across the parking lot with a heating pad on my feet? this weather warrants buying winter boots a size larger to accomodate the multiple pairs of socks. Enjoy your cold weather, which is actually 70 degrees warmer than Chicagoland. love Mom

Cyndi said...

So it's -26 here, just saw your mom's comment. I need a full body heating pad! But they don't make them my size... Darn!!!! LOL :o)

Maybe you can bring some of that warm air over here.

Dogeared said...

To Becca and Cyndi - OH YES THEY DO!

It's like a sleeping bag suit!

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