Sunday, January 04, 2009

On the 10th Day of Chrismtas...

We finally got mail!
Christmas cards!
We were beginning to think that we were on some naughty lists. Before Christmas, I think we had gotten 4 Christmas cards. A few more arrived in the days after Christmas. We hadn't even gotten one from my grandma, who is the Queen Bee (heehee...her name is Bee!) of sending out holiday cards. And until yesterday, we had only gotten ONE handmade card, which is just crazy. But yesterday we got 7 cards I think--2 handmade (from Cyndi & Lisa) and then others from my mom's neighbor, two of my old co-workers (one from Edison ES and one from Kadena ES), David's relative (cousin, maybe?), and a family friend.
I forgot to check the postmarks before David tossed the envelopes, but I think that most of the cause for the delay is our post office. They've been getting a lot of mail this month (obviously) and I guess they had a hard time getting it all out. I finally got a package that I had ordered on Nov. 8 on December 30 or 31. It was a gravy boat. For Thanksgiving dinner.
We are still waiting on my last Christmas present from David. He already agreed that it would be a late Christmas present whenever it arrives, but yesterday he said that we might as well wait until my birthday. Sure, it's only 8 days away (well, 7 from the next time mail can come), but that's just mean, isn't it!?!? If a present I ordered for David got here a few days after Christmas, I wouldn't make him wait until July 27 to open it, now would I? I don't think I should be penalized just because I have a January birthday!
I am 99% certain I know what is in the box now. I mentioned before that I thought it was running clothes, due to David's reaction to me wanting to stop and look at running clothes at the tennis center. (there is no running center) Well, sneaky-me thought she'd test her theory. Yesterday I mentioned (after the mail came) that I wish I had more long sleeved running clothes, because I hate doing laundry and want to run more often. Then, confirming my suspicions, David blurted out, "Do you want to know what's in the package that's coming?" But he changed his mind before I could answer. But that's all the information I needed. Seriously...he makes it too easy.


Dogeared said...

I came back to London to find cards which had come late, while I was away. I only get to see them for like 2 days now, until I have to take them down! But at least you got your cards eventually!

Cyndi said...

Hey Bec. Thanks for YOUR card, it's always fun to read what you did this past year. I have to admit that my cards went out a week before Christmas, a little late, but glad you finally got it. Can't wait to see you this year.

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