Saturday, January 12, 2008

Okinawa on Foot

Too bad I didn't take my camera with me to running group for 12 of 12. I could've taken a picture every mile and been finished with 12 of 12 by 9 a.m.! It ended up being me and one other girl this morning, our group keeps shrinking. She only ran the first 3.5 miles and then turned around, leaving me to finish the last 8.5 alone. I wasn't too thrilled originally, but then I decided I could do some exploring since I didn't have to worry about explaining the route to the group, knowing mileage, or losing anybody.
I ran on a path right by the ocean (sea, really)and saw lots of...interesting things.
-grassy bleachers and a small stage
-a stained glass canopy
-an old school bus that has been painted and decorated and is now selling beer.
-a goat--seriously, I thought it was a dog at first, but it was definitely a goat.
-a dead mouse in a pool of blood
-a now defunct double-decker bus (what is it with all the antiquated vehicles?)
-a group of kids on bicycles with arrows strapped to their backs

I'm sure there were other notable things to see, but mostly I was thinking about yarn-- I wanted to get home and repair/finish my minimalist cardigan (it's been repaired, now the sleeves and sides just need to be seamed in) and besides, I received the name of my partner for a secret swap I'm participating in. I spent lots of those miles thinking about what I'll get for the person I have...and what I'll get from the person who has me! Exciting!
Off to finish the sweater, and take some more 12 of 12 pics!

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Running Knitter said...

Isn't it funny what you see while running? I wish I could have seen the bus that now sells beer.

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