Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guess what I wore today!?!?!

My Minimalist Cardigan! Isn't it fab? I love it. It was so warm and cozy today. Even though I thought it would be heavy because it felt heavy when I picked it up, it doesn't feel heavy on. I used wonderful Andean Silk yarn from KnitPicks and the total cost was only $38.61.
I started on Nov. 12 and finished on Jan. 12 (Pacific time!) Really I finished Jan 13, but all knitting, blocking, and more than half the seaming was done by Jan. 12 my time. Also, I think it must be noted that by the first day of winter break (Dec. 21?) I had only finished about 4 inches of the back of this sweater. So although I listed my official start date as Nov. 12, almost all of this was completed between Dec. 21 and Jan. 12!
This is the first sweater that I've made, finished, and would actually wear in public, so I'm thrilled! I'll try to get David to take some more pictures later so you can better see the Moss stitch. It was slow-going knitting --although it motivated me to teach myself to be a picking knitter instead of a throwing knitter!-- but I like that my finishing skills (or lack thereof) don't show!

And, guess what else? Today at the post office, I received a birthday package from my Aunt Margie and it was the book "Yarn Harlot: Secret Life of a Knitter". How serendipitous! I was hoping for some new knitting needles I ordered so I could start a new project, but the book can keep me occupied until the needles come in, for sure! Hooray! Thanks Aunt Margie!! Love you! (I know she's one of my loyal readers!)


Running Knitter said...

It looks so awesome! Love it.

Andrea said...

Looks great Becca!

Susan said...

love the name of that book!! lol!! and I am totally impressed with you and your sweater!

OneScrappyChick said...

It's gorgeous.. I'm so proud of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great, WOW!! I want one. I'll send you yarn and size in the mail :o)

Cyndi said...

Sorry that was my comment!

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is marvelous. Can I
commission you to knit a sweater for Selena.
Hope you enjoy the book-I started to read it and it was You!!
love you lots aunt margie

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