Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 of 12

My 12 of 12... let's see if Susan can remember to remind me every month. Then maybe I'll actually make 12 12 of 12s this year instead of 4.
I don't have times for all of them...forgive me. I'm lucky enough that I managed to take the pictures!

1. Morning run. Started at 6:45, so I know this must have been 2 hours and 6 minutes later. 8:51.

2. Wentworth Miller greeting me on the way into the "hobby room". Hmm...this had been on the front door. Seems as though David moved him to somewhere where he'd have to see him less. This calendar was a late Christmas present and I love it. I've already been choosing which photos I'll stand next to, tape a shirt to the wall & pretend I'm actually having my photo with him. Prison Break new episodes come back on on Monday I think!

3. I spent much of my birthday working on my Minimalist Cardigan. That's why my photos were few and far between, because my little fingers were so busy stitching this thing up! This was early in the day, when I repaired the grafted collar I messed up last night.

4. My first gift was a box of Thin Mints, and although I do love Thin Mints, I began to worry about what the rest of my presents would be. This new computer chair was the second gift I "opened". Opening this gift consisted of David opening the front door and wheeling it in the house. Then he had to fix it because he had assembled part of it backwards. It spins. I love it.

5. Back to work on the sweater...managed to sew the sleeve in place on one side. I'm not fully confident in my finishing skills, but it doesn't look too bad.

6. At about 5:30, we left for dinner. I had already told David that one thing I really really wanted for my birthday was a full tank of gas. I hate pumping gas and my empty light was on, so my birthday came just in time!

7. We went to dinner at this pizza/pasta place called Marino's. We ordered "La Marino" which is a dinner set for 2, the house specialty, and so delicious. First you get a Caesar salad, then they bring out the pasta, a tasty carbonara. But the best part is that before they give you the pasta, the waiter mixes it around in this big bowl of parmesan cheese. And the bowl is actually made of parmesan cheese!

8. After the pasta comes the pizza, which is also tasty. Then it's time for dessert! You get to pick 3 things from the dessert station. I had blueberry tea too.

9. Marino's is located just past this furniture store called Yellow Box. It looks just like a Yellow Box. I always think that's a funny name/shape/color for a furniture store, but I hear people have gotten some nice things in spite of it!

10. We came home and David disappeared for a little while behind the couch. Secretly, I knew what he was doing (because a decorated-by-David birthday cake is somewhat of a tradition around here) but I was so focused on sewing the side of my sweater, I didn't even have to pretend not to notice. He brought out my cake, complete with 27 candles- one was a singing candle! I blew them all out on one breath!

11. One last birthday present...finally one I got to unwrap! Same wrapping as last year. I knew right away what it was...and it was just what I wanted! I had made a point to mention it a few times during the past week. (Sorry for the sideways photo!)

12. The Harry Potter movies! I couldn't believe we didn't have them yet. I just began re-reading the 1st book and since I joined a special Harry Potter themed sock knitting swap, I've been even more obsessed with all things Potter.


Running Knitter said...

So glad to hear you had a great birthday (and even got in a good long run too!). That pasta being tossed around in an ACTUAL bowl of cheese made my mouth water. Oh, I love Prison Break too, and yes it starts up again on Monday. YAY!

Dogeared said...

I love Prison Break, I bought season 2 on DVD in the Christmas sales, so need to watch it!

And happy birthday!

Scooter said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I'm glad you shared it with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from one Capricorn to another. Your birthday was fun even though I wasn't there-I know I would have enjoyed the salad. Did David decorate your birthday cake? Love you!!

Zippy said...

Happy Birthday!! On my long list of things to learn to do is knitting - I salute you. The pasta mixed in a bowl made of parmesan has made me hungry....time for dinner!

OneScrappyChick said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see your finished sweater

Susan said...

you are off to a good start of 12of12s for the year!!!
I think Thin Mints make a FINE bday present! lol!! good work on your sweater and you will have to tell me what you are going to do with a HP sock club!!

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