Friday, January 11, 2008


A few hours ago I mentioned that I hate finishing a knitting project. I stink at it and need to go to finishing school. I finished stitching the shoulder seams on my minimalist cardigan (I stink at that, but luckily the moss stitch seems to be forgiving of my errors) and decided to move on to grafting the collar. I'm good at grafting/kitchener. I enjoy kitchener. Sure, I sound a little loony sitting on the couch repeating "Front: knit, slip, purl, leave. Back: purl, slip, knit, leave. Front: knit, slip, purl, leave..." but I love the way it looks and I love that it's fairly straight forward (no figuring out which loop or bump or V to go into or under or through next!) I finished my kitchener and was admiring my skills when I noticed this:

I did what anyone who had worked on a sweater diligently for 2 months (well, diligently for the last 3 weeks, sporadically for the 5 weeks before that) would do. I ran to my bedroom, threw myself down on the bed and had a good cry. It's been a long week what with returning to my students and getting that disappointing e-mail from Rochelle at New York & Company. The twisted collar just nudged me over the edge. After my little meltdown, I decided to inspect the sweater further to see if somehow something was just turned inside out or wrong way 'round. Nope, anyway you twist it, it's...twisted. I really still don't know how that could have happened... but here I am, faced with un-grafting my collar. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

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Running Knitter said...

Ugh! I hate when that happens! :(

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