Monday, January 07, 2008

Knit Year's Resolutions

As I get closer and closer to finishing my Minimalist Cardigan (just half a sleeve and seaming to go!) my mind has been wandering to some other knitting projects I want to try my hand at. (The prospect of having a finished sweater that just might be cute and accurate enough to wear has my confidence soaring!)

So, this year I'd like to give the following projects or techniques a try:

socks using the Magic Loop method (I think this will be a good antidote to my symptoms of Single Sock Syndrome). I've already made a pair of socks using Magic Loop, but I didn't use sock yarn, and it was just a basic sock. So I want to branch out and make some cuter socks.

color work. That's brave isn't it?


I think that's quite enough to add to the list for now...if I add too much, I will put my Queen-of-Unfinished-Projects crown on and not a single resolution will be met! I have lots of projects in my Ravelry queue and I'll be able to start tackling those after the sweater as well. Some of them even align with my resolutions!

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