Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to the grindstone

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Waaaaaaaahhhhh! I don't want to go. I've thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks off. Two weeks without hearing anyone tattle on anyone else. Two weeks without tying anyone's shoes but mine. Two weeks without having to tell someone with bright green snot running dangerously close to their mouth that it's time to get a tissue. Two weeks without hearing our class princess cry because someone took her pencil when, in fact, it is under her paper. Two weeks of not having to sharpen a pencil. Two weeks without uttering the words "mark your tally chart" (our class behavior plan). Two weeks of not having to wake up before 9, change out of my pajamas before...well...bedtime, pack my lunch, drive to school, or shower (although I did shower almost every day over the past 2 weeks...well, at least 10 times anyway).
Don't get me wrong (I know it's hard not to) I don't absolutely hate my job. There are some perks... the daily hugs and love notes from my students (first graders are definitely not afraid to say "I love you"!), the excitement on a kid's face when he reads a "really hard" word, working for a fun and easygoing group of administrators, the occasional parent who tells you "thank you" or "my child hated school last year and this year he's totally into it...I give you a lot of credit". But with the class I have this year, I really enjoyed/needed/cherished/... that fabulous little perk we call "Winter Break" and I hate to see it go.

All that being said, I'm going to take a minute to reflect on the title of this post... my friend Samantha shared with me a quote that our friend Rhonda shared with her... "Life is a grindstone...whether it wears you down or polishes you up depends on what you're made of."


Running Knitter said...

That's a great quote. Thank you for sharing it!

Lee W. said...

love the quote- the scenarios you painted are my daily life!

Lee W. said...

except I don't get paid! hahaha

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