Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Oldie but a Goodie

Today there was such a sweet surprise in my e-mail inbox! It was an e-mail from an ooooollllddddd friend Chad! I haven't talked to him since May 17, 2002 (our college graduation)! We had some great times and I just decided to look him up a couple weeks ago. Just to say hey. I had just been reminiscing and thinking of how dumb I was to have all my close friends in college be guys... we hardly keep in touch. Of course, I send birthday cards and Christmas cards and random e-mails, but they rarely get answered. I even asked one of them to stand up in my wedding... but I was stood up for a girlfriend who he thought would make a better date for New Years. (They have since broken up and he has seen the error of his ways!)
Anyway, so I e-mailed Chad and really wasn't expecting a response, but today I got one! It makes me want to hunt down all of my other friends! He's married and expecting a baby in January (and what do you know, I have a baby blanket on my knitting needles that just might be done by then!) And you know what, HE (with no prompting from me!) said we need to keep in touch... I think he's right!

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