Friday, November 10, 2006

I am Excellent!

David is the guy who gives the PT (physical fitness) tests for his squadron. The other day he was telling me about this girl who had never passed one, so I asked him if it was really hard or what. Well, he offered to test me so I could see.
This morning, I had my waist measured and scored all possible points for that portion of the test.
Then, I did 41 pushups in 1 minute to score all possible points for that portion of the test. Can you believe that 41 pushups only gets you TEN points? *huff*
I did not score perfectly for sit-ups. My stomach was making really funny noises and I just had to laugh. So I only got 44 sit-ups instead of 47. Lost 2.25 points.
The run portion is worth 50 points. I had to run a mile and a half. I'm so disappointed---David had bet with the guys at work that I would beat their fastest runner's time and I missed it by about 20 seconds. But I've been sick all week and my chest was so heavy. Anyway, I ran 11:36 for a mile and a half. I lost 2.5 points on that too for not running 12 seconds faster.
BUT, I scored over a 96, which is "Excellent" according to the standards set by the US Air Force! It's also a higher score than David and everybody at his office. And, I'm *almost* the highest scoring woman David's ever tested. One girl that he tested got a 100 because she was exempt from all portions of the test but the waist measurement.
So... I'll try again another day and shoot for a perfect score! Until then, I'm happy enough being Excellent!

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