Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blog-break over!

I disappeared kind of suddenly there, didn't I?
After my busy day of baking cookies, I had a busy day of finishing the preparations for my party (including finishing up 6 pairs of mini-mittens as party favors!) on the 13th. The days following the cookie party were a whirlwind of cleaning, packing, and to-do lists. I left at 0130 (local) on the 16th and arrived in Greenland at 1445 (local) on the 17th. You can try to figure out the time difference or just come back in a day or two to find out how long I traveled! I just got back yesterday... my house was freezing! Today I went and picked up a whole lot of mail and got a new tire put on my car because it was shaking like crazy. And now I have lots to do...unpacking, laundry, new brake pads, baby-shower prep, clean-up, mailing out Christmas presents..... and blogging!

Because it (*might*) hold me accountable... I'll make a quick list of blog posts I hope to write this week.
1. Cookie party
2. Traveling for almost 2 days straight
3. Greenland
4. Christmas
5. Storm Dancing
6. New Years
7. Home Again
7. January Goals

In the meantime, check out my "places I've been" map... I've now been to every country in North America!
Visited Countries

Visited Countries Map from TravelBlog

(Actually, I don't know if this image is working...but it's too late to tinker with it right now. Just trust me...all of North America is colored in!)

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