Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 of 12: The Frantically Preparing for Cookie Party Edition

'Twas the day before my cookie party, and all through the house...
All of these pictures were taking in my kitchen and entry way, in Thetford/England. 

0750- Christmas tunes on the iPod. I decided to kick off my baking day with Kristin Chenoweth singing Christmas Island. Her album, "A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas" is my newest favorite. I just love Broadway voices...KC is the original "Galinda with a gah" from Wicked.  With the music on, I'm ready to get my holiday spirit on and start TONS of baking!

0800-Can't bake without an apron! Today I chose the Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville... I was wishing that I had a Christmas apron to wear :(  But I'm very very proud of myself for not deciding to postpone the cookies in favor of making myself a new Christmas apron! Ha!

0900-First batch(es) of the day: Pumpkin-Cranberry Oatmeal cookies. (Recipe here) Made these earlier in the fall and loved them SO much that I decided these would be my cookie party recipe this year! That means I need 6 dozen of 'em!

0945- Too many doughs in the kitchen! I started baking the PCO cookies last night, and due to an oven malfunction, only ended up with 3 dozen that I felt were an adequate representation of my baking! So I needed to make another batch today. And, since I had a cookie party cancellation, I decided to make a second set of 6 dozen cookies: Orange Infused Snowballs. I started on that dough while I was working on the PCO dough and that was *not* a good idea. I ended up dumping a teaspoon of baking soda into the wrong dough. It's really hard to tell baking soda from powdered sugar, so I tried my best to take it out! Then I moved the OIS dough to the other side of the kitchen and focused on the PCOs!

1245- Three oven errors this morning totally blew my theory that my oven just likes to act rebellious after 11pm. I think this is an overheating error, so I had to change my cookie strategy (can't wait for the landlord to fix this when I have 17 dozen cookies to bake!). So, I baked 2 sheets (about 30 minutes), then turned the oven off for an hour. Then baked 2 sheets, then turned the oven off. Not the most efficient strategy, but better than ending up with half-baked cookies!

1300-During my oven's break, I decided to package up the PCO cookies that are done. I lined them up, wrapped them in clear cellophane, and tied some burgundy and gold bows on the ends. I think they looked so pretty!

1430-Here they are, all wrapped up and ready to go home and get eaten by their new owners! I had to store them on my stepstool in the entry way (where my basket of mittens usually is) because all of the kitchen surfaces were taken!

1600-My first batch of Orange Infused Snowballs are out of the oven. These bake at a lower temp, and don't spread, so I think I was able to get them all baked without having to switch the oven off! Almost 8 dozen!  Recipe here.

1700-Another break...for the oven and for me. I went to Wilkinson & Pound Stretcher to pick up some ball ornaments to use as vase filler, and to drool over the white Christmas tree and lavender garland. I didn't buy it...yet. I might go back tomorrow. I love that white tree! The black ball ornaments are for the baby shower I'm planning.

2000- I saw this cute cookie packaging idea here. I just used a 2.25" strip of patterned paper instead of fabric scraps. I think these are so cute! A dozen snowball cookies were a perfect fit!

2350-Here's my tiny fridge...eggnog, gingerbread eggnog, milk, hot broccoli dip, fudge, Buster bars & Buckeyes ready for tomorrow.
2359- It's midnight...and still TONS on my to-do list! I stayed up until 2:30 or 3, then got up at 7 to finish getting ready for my party! *Almost* everything was done in time, but I didn't sit down until everyone left at about 4:30. Well, I take that back...what kind of hostess would I be if I didn't sit and enjoy a nice chat with my guests?
But that's why I'm late in getting my 12 of 12 posted. Now all I want to do is sit and relax...but I have the party aftermath to tend to! :(

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Dogeared said...

Wow you are awesome - packaging up cookies in cellophane and ribbon, the orange infused snowballs... I need to channel some of you for my holidays!

Pete said...

We've just been watching a Christmas cookery programme on TV but I'm not sure they could compete with you for sheer volume Bec! Wow, that's some serious baking you got done there, nice work!

corky said...

Amazing work with an unruly oven. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

kerri said...

Cookie party! Looks good!

The Margaritaville apron totally reminded me of my Buffett-obsessed biology prof! Our course website is covered in parrots, with a Jimmy Buffett inspired comic at the top!

Aimee said...

I am IMPRESSED! I would've given up long before that many dozens if my oven were throwing such fits.

Happy Christmas!

Chris said...

Wow ... look at all those cookies. I'll be right over!

Nice 12!

☆ J ☆ said...

I love the apron collection and now I feel like cookies! mmmm need food!

Amy said...

Those look divine! I am going to have to try those recipes. I am amazed with your culinary and decorating skills.

BU said...

I'm waiting (hoping) for the day you start sending cookies out to 12 of 12ers!

Regina said...

I can almost smell the lovely odour that fills a room while baking cookies - I do love your kitchen in action. What a busy day - thank you for the pictures.

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Mmmhhh! I looove cookies! And those orange snow balls must be very delicious! I'm impressed by your cooking energy. ;¬)

Sunny Archibald said...

I'm really impressed with your cookies. The recipes sound wonderful. That oven looks like the one my daughter had in Germany....I thought it quite awful.I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

~Sheryl said...

Great job on all the cookies, I'm not sure I would have had the patience to keep turning the oven off. I love the way you wrapped the cookies, I may have to borrow that idea. Nice 12 of 12, thanks for sharing your day.

Krista Lund said...

wowsers girl! you've been busy! i can't wait to bake on VACATION!!

KC said...

Those cookies look good! Now I'm hungry!

Tammy said...

Such great pictures for only two rooms. Merry Christmas!

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Bonnie said...

Wow! I'm inspired and intimidated by your kitchen badassery. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

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