Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching Up

 It seems like a while since I've written on this blog...
but I've been busy. Sort of.
Busy planning a baby shower that may or may not go on as scheduled, as the baby was born early and is in the hospital.
Busy decorating (or not) for a baby shower for which the decorations have never arrived. Even though they were shipped 40 days ago. (and therefore also busy finding the appropriate wording to request store credit from the place that shipped them... I know it's not their fault if it's lost in the mail, but it's not my fault either!)
Busy sitting on the couch and watching American Idol, Nip/Tuck, the Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model, when the "short" models were given a chance.
Busy catching up on sleep after last weekend's Virtual Crop at ScrapVillage.
Busy choosing knitting projects, starting some and frogging. Just can't find something I want to work on right now!
Busy cleaning up my house, because David will be here in 20 days and he is slightly less tolerant (or oblivious?) to messes than I am. And also because it's possible that I'm hosting a baby shower here on Sunday. But I've only gotten one RSVP, and it was a "not coming" anyway, so maybe I don't have to have the place that clean after all!
Busy trying to catch up on the blogs to which I subscribe in Google Reader. This morning I had 1000+ unread posts, and now I'm down to 362. I start off by "speed-reading" (which is really just looking at the pictures as I scroll through) the ones I don't really care about reading. Which kind of makes me think I don't really need to subscribe to them.
Busy planning some meals for February... I doubt D will be keen on my new rotation of Triscuits, salad, ramen noodles & Christmas cookies.
And, most excitingly, busy with my new volunteer gig with the Girl Scouts. My first meeting was on Thursday and I was there from about 3 until almost 9! I'm with a small troop of Cadettes, 6th-8th grade, and I'm already booked for the first two Saturdays after David gets back. Oops. And I'm waiting to find out when I'll be put on the cookie sales schedule!


Amy said...

That is my kind of busy! And I hear you with the too many blogs to read, but not really knowing where to trim the fat. There are so many great people out there to know, and I always feel bad when I skip reading a blog, but I seriously am running out of time in the day if I read all the blogs I subscribe to every day. I have some that I never miss, but then there are others that I enjoy reading, but it really isn't a big deal if I don't read or not. Sigh. Way too many great people who I want to hear.

Good luck getting everything ready before D arrives, and I love that you are volunteering with the girl scouts. What a fun way to fill your days!

Anonymous said...
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