Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 of 12: It's My Birthday!

January's 12 of 12 is the one I always remember to do because it's my BIRTHDAY!!! Every month (or just some of the months, if you're me!) there's a big bunch of bloggers that participate in a fun photo project hosted by Chad Darnell. This year's Jan 12 was really different than last...when I was out running in shorts along the ocean instead of trudging through the snow in a long sleeve, fleece, jacket, tights, pants, headband and hat.
I remembered to charge the battery for my new camera the night before so I'd be ready first thing in the morning. I checked my e-mail and had lots of notices about messages on my Facebook wall:

1. Living Room, 0907

I checked the weather (33 degrees) and looked out the window. The snow was pretty slushy, so I figured that today would be the day that I'd venture outside for a run. These pretty plants poking through the snow caught my eye as I ran down my street. I liked the red berries and the purple cabbage, but didn't stop for long as a gigantic German Shepherd was barking at me.
                                              2. My street, Thetford. 1009

I ran through the wooded path and then through the neighborhood in which I first looked at a house. I ran on the sidewalks when they were covered with enough snow not to be slippery, and then switched to the roads when the sidewalks were too icy. As I got closer to the town centre though, I had to just walk because everything was slippery!! Now that I'm old (ha!) I can't risk taking a fall!
3. Thetford. I can't remember what church this is, and I looked twice just to make sure too! And the Bell. 1038

I was able to do more running on my way back home, but when I got to Melford Common, it was suuuuuuper icy, so I shuffled all the way down the street, slooooooowly!
4. The Black Horse, Thetford on the way to Melford Common (Magdalen Street?).  1046. This is where my friends and I eat dinner every Wednesday.

5. Thetford, across the street from the Black Horse. 1047. I always go past this building and think, "I wish I had a purple door!" Oh least I have a purple laptop!

6. My street, Thetford. 1055. This is my favorite sign. I always slow down, but I've never seen any plants cross the road! Ha!

After I came home, I called the photo printing place on base and learned that it would be more than double the cost to get photos printed there than in my town centre. So I walked back to town and got my photos done at one hour. Which meant I needed to just walk around and waste an hour. Which meant that by the time I got home, I had spent nearly 3 hours walking and running around in the 33 degree weather. So I needed some soup. I would eat soup in 120 degree weather because I just LOVE soup. Today I opted for Ramen noodles because I always make them in the microwave and I was very cold and very hungry. And then I only have to wash one bowl instead of one bowl and one pot.
7. Living Room. 1257. Lunch.
Then it was time to get the invitations done for the baby shower I am hosting. I had been waiting on the ones I ordered to arrive, but it's just getting too close to the shower date, so I ended up having them reprinted. They'll probably be sitting in my mailbox next time I check the mail!
8. Living Room. 1458. And see my purple laptop making an appearance in this photo? It's not really that purple. More pinky-purple than in the picture. I love it!

I spent some time on the phone (because it's my birthday and I was content to stay home and receive phone calls!) and then I went upstairs to get some stamps & inkpads so I could put the finishing touches on the invitation envelopes. When I came back downstairs, I saw a little card that had been put through my mailslot. It said "sorry we missed you" and it was from a florist. I opened the door and sure enough, there were these pretty flowers sitting on my snowman doormat! No wonder David had said earlier, "Oh, you're planning to e home all day? That's good."
9. Front Porch. 1730. My birthday flowers from David.  
I put the flower on the coffee table for a little while, but then I needed to get to work on those invitation envelopes so I ended up moving them to the step tansu.
 10. Living Room. 1740. My flowers! And my screensaver that reminds me of my dad's old clock.

11. Living Room. 2100.  A little late to be eating dinner, but I was on the phone at normal dinner time. Time to take a break from invites (see them half-stamped in the background?) and eat a salad and watch Countdown.

12. Living Room. 2130. All done! It's a rock-star themed shower mostly because the mom-to-be has tattoos. So I was so happy that I had this tattoo-style stamp set in my collection! And so happy that my mom sent me a Stampamajig for Christmas so I could get the wings in just the right spots!

13. Living Room. 2300. And an extra one because I miscounted while I was uploading. (Or maybe it's not extra and I miscounted while I was typing.) This is a present from my Aunt Margie. I can hardly believe my will power, because I've had this present since Monday and... I DIDN"T OPEN IT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I swear! I must really be growing up!


BU said...

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

What a nice day! I am glad it was so wonderful for you, and you got so much accomplished! Its true, January 12 is truly a fantastic day!

Delilah said...

OMG those baby shower invitations are ADORABLE!! WHERE did you find them???
And Happy Birthday!!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

A late Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the best!
You seemed to have a wonderful day. I admire your courage and constancy in running every day. I used to run few years ago... (well ok... many years ago!) but I gave up. ;¬(

But I can hardly wait to see a picture of a plant crossing the street! ;¬)

Anonymous said...

I can remember this day 28 years ago and the tears of joy when you came into our lives.

Anonymous said...

Be careful running or walking on snow. I was walking with Lisa the morning before I left for Vegas-slipped on the ice and fell flat on my back and hit my head on the concrete. I did go for a cat scan just as a precaution. Lucky I have a hard head.

Jill said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Looks like it was a chilly day, but still nice with all that yummy food and flowers! I LOVE the 'plant crossing' sign, too!!!

My friends & relatives are all past baby-making age, but those invites are super cool.

Happy New Year!

Pete said...

Belated happy birthday Bec!
I love that sign, it's big brother/sister HEAVY PLANT CROSSING is on the road next to the fields when I drive home. Always gives me a chuckle :)

Sunny Archibald said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm proud of you for running on an icy day...I'm a sissy and just stay in when it's bad. Very neat invites, I must say.

PS - is knitting socks hard? I didn't have the guts to try.

Krista Lund said...

what a fun project, bec!

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