Saturday, August 30, 2008

One week down...

16 to go. I'm already counting down to Christmas break...especially because I imagine I will stop working at Christmas break since we leave in January.

Here is where I go every day:

I moved classrooms this year, because I was just getting tired of being in the same room, and also partly because my classroom neighbor kept using my ideas (sometimes after I told them to her, but before I did them, so then it looked like I was using HER idea instead of the way it really went down). I'm so glad I moved rooms! My new room is clean and great. My friend Katie had the room last year, but decided to stay home with her little girl this year, so I got her room! Katie is really clean...that's why I wanted that particular room and, unlike my last 2 classrooms where I came into a room full of someone else's junk, Katie went through stuff she was not going to take with her and asked me about each item whether I wanted her to leave it for me or if she should take it to the donation table in the teacher work room. So all the junk you see in the's mine. *eyeroll*. I'm resisting the urge to count up all of my little plastic baskets. I get them all at the 100 Yen store (Japanese dollar store!) so it seems like I'm spending nothing...but when you see them all together (and consider that there is a giant rubbermaid full of extras too) it gets a little scary. I don't think I could handle knowing just how much money I've spent on plastic.

Anyway, now that you've seen where I spend my day, I don't really want to talk about how I spend my day. Because that would mean that I'd have to think about it. I don't like thinking about school on the weekends. School is school. Same stuff, different kids. And even the kids aren't all that different from the ones last year. And that's no good!

I've gotten into a good "a load a day" laundry routine. That means that (almost) every day this week my clothes have been clean!

The only day that a kink was thrown into the plan was Tuesday. I had been planning on wearing white capris with that purple top but when I took the pants off to iron them, I noticed that the backs of the legs were dirty! Good thing they were wrinkly enough that I didn't think the wrinkles could "pass" as the kind you get from sitting in the car.
There are a few blogs that I visit from time to time where people record their "Daily Outfit". Well, I had to modify my own Daily Outfit photos, because first of all, David would not agree to take my picture each day (plus he's usually gone before I get in the shower) and my camera can't take a vertical photo on self-timer because the strap is on one end and the opening for the USB cord is on the other side and it can't stand up evenly on either end! Everybody liked my Thursday outfit-the black and white polka dots. I wore it with black bermuda shorts and people thought I was "all dressed up". That's how it is at my school...people here are really in the "island life" mentality. People wear jeans throughout the week (not me...those are from Friday only), flip-flops (and not the dressy kinds) every day, shorts that I think are too short, etc. A couple (rude) teachers commented on my shoes one day saying that I looked like I was playing dress-up in heels. I wanted to tell them that they look like they're going to Wal-mart on a Saturday afternoon in their shorts and sandals, but I'm not that rude. At least not to their faces. I'll save my rudeness for the blog.

Anyway, it's not cooling off here at all! So, it's not really practical to wear any hand-knits yet, although my air conditioning in my classroom is ice cold--too cold, but I'm afraid that if I attempt to change the setting just a little, we'll be burning up like they are in other classrooms.

I started this blog post hours ago...and now I can't remember what direction I wanted to take it. So I'm going to stop here for the day and go watch The Sound of Music.

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Dogeared said...

I like the idea of your outfit photos! I'm starting a new job in London in a month's time- I might try doing that!

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