Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Australia Day 11: The State of Our Passports

I've neglected my Australia re-cap for quite a few days...partly because it's just too sad to think about blogging the end of our trip. Partly because I've been doing a lot of work the past few weeks to get ready for the new school year. And partly because I've been trying to knit my Ravelympics project in my spare time, and spare time goes by a lot faster when you're on the computer.

On our last morning in Sydney, we had one last yummy breakfast at the G'Day Cafe. David had the breakfast again, but without the beans & sausages. I had toasted museli with milk.

We waited outside our hotel for our airport shuttle to arrive. And when it did, we were surprised to see the same couple we saw at dinner on Friday night at Zia Pinas! They were flying up to Cairns to check out the Great Barrier Reef. We were, of course, heading back to Okinawa.

The airport lady in Sydney was the first one to comment on the state of our passports! You see, David has dubbed himself "the responsible one", and therefore thinks that he should be in charge of carrying our important things when we travel. He likes to carry these important things in his pants pockets. And then he likes to wash his pants pockets. I've tried to explain that if I were in charge of the passports, they wouldn't have gotten washed. Because I don't do laundry. I would've needed my passport again before I got around to washing those pants, thus avoiding the crinkled-up, faded-stamps, stringy-edged passports. Anyway, we managed to get all checked in. We spent our last Australian dollars on a few postcards and a stamp, then went through security and customs. The customs agent was the second one to question the passports! What is it with the Aussies? ;)

Our plane was delayed about an hour...and they never even announced it or apologized for the delay or anything! Finally we boarded the plane and sat across the aisle from the Japanese ladies that took a picture of us on the ferry from Darling Harbour! We were on the same airline as we were on the way there, but strangely, the "amenities" were not even almost as good! Although the meat pie I had for dinner was tasty! I read about half of my 2nd book of the trip--Friday Night Knitting Club (the first was How (Not) to Have a Perfect Wedding), did some puzzles, and watched Dan in Real Life, which I had already seen. Good thing I'd already seen it, because this plane didn't have screens on the back of the headrests, and the world's tallest man was sitting in front of me, so I didn't actually get to "see" the movie. More like "listen" to it. Finally I managed to fall asleep, and I was super tired by the time we got to Osaka. We took another very pricey cab ride to our hotel. The Ramada Kansai had a really nice lobby, but when I got to the room, I felt like I was in some 1970s scary movie! Also I felt like a giant, which rarely happens to me. The night table and desk were practically miniature! David was "starving" and went down to the restaurant to eat something. I fell asleep, even though the room smelled really weird.

The next morning, David made a discovery in the bathroom. After his shower, the bathroom was all steamy... all but one rectangle on the mirror right where your face is! David thought it was very clever, but I wondered why they didn't just make the whole mirror like that.
We got to ride a free(!!) shuttle back to the airport and hop on the last plane of our trip...the 2 hour ride back to Oki. That was a pretty easy flight, except I was starving and there was not even a snack available! David's friend Fred picked us up at the airport and we went to one of our favorite "fast food" places--CoCo's--for some curry, rice & nan bread. And then we were back home...our trip was officially over!

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