Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School Blues!

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about actually going back to school yet, but I do know how I feel about waking up early again! No more pajamas until 10...or 2. No more watching the Olympics all day (I'm a little bit consoled by the fact that I'd only be able to watch one more day of the Olympics even if I didn't have to go back to work).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that school won't be too bad this year! As of right now, I have 15 students and that will be fantastic if it "sticks". I met all but 2 of them on Friday during our school's meet & greet. Of course they all (except 1 or 2) seem sweet and nice so far, but I'm not going to let that give me a false sense of security! My class last year seemed sweet on the first day too, and they were my toughest class ever---and that's saying a lot if you know anything about my 1st year teaching 3rd grade!

I'm actually excited to get the year started! I'm really prepared--my classroom is organized and I have my lesson plans ready (but flexible!) through October in all subjects and through November in a couple of others. Which is practically almost done, since I'll only be here til Dec/Jan. I even have a list of 25 sets of school clothes, so I'll never be staring at my closet for 30 minutes wondering what to wear. Unless of course, the things on the list are still in the dirty clothes. But that's why Febreeze and dryer sheets were invented.

School this year starts at 8:50 instead of 8:30, and ends at 3:00 instead of 2:30. At first glance, it seems like an unfair trade, but I now have a 40 minute lunch instead of 30! I'm so excited about that! Also, our "specials" (music, p.e., art, culture) got extended to 50 minutes instead of 45. So my instruction time is actually 5 minutes shorter than it was last year.


Cyndi said...

Good Luck - I'm sure you'll have a wonderful class. I like your organization, I wish I was like that.

Cyndi said...

You've been nominated for the "Brillante Weblog" award. Check out my site.

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