Sunday, August 10, 2008

Australia Day 10: Part 1-To Market, To Market

Our last full day in Australia made me sad... but not too sad because it was also a day to celebrate--my half-birthday! In my opinion, a half-birthday entitles you to all the same benefits as a real birthday- choosing the meals, activities, presents :) etc.
We started out the day the way I wanted to... with breakfast at the G'Day Cafe around the block. We had already gone there for lunch, but the Australia book said breakfast was really the best time to go. I had hot chocolate, and it was even tastier than the hot choc I had ordered there the day we had lunch. Probably because everything tastes better on your half-birthday. Breakfast was good...and huge! We both got the "G'Day breakfast"--2 pieces of toast, 2 eggs, what I'm going to call "big bacon"--it was called bacon but didn't actually look like bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes (which were really good!)--David added beans & sausages to his order--it was like hot dogs or turkey sausages, not really breakfast sausage, and beans from a can. Loads of "regulars" came in while we were there and the girl who worked there told everyone to sign a card for Joe, her brother, who had just had surgery for his "ponia". Finally some woman asked what a ponia was and the girl asked her dad for clarification about the thing that Joe had. A hernia. I thought it was sweet that she was having so many people sign Joe's card, but also thought maybe she could've spared us all the details.
When we left the restaurant, we saw a sign for a puppet shop. It was really neat! It was downstairs in this old building, and there were 4 different rooms with stone/brick walls and it felt like we were in an old cave or castle, surrounded by really neat puppets.

It was neat in a creepy way though, so we didn't spend too much time.
Then we walked further down George Street (the opposite way of the QVB) to the Rocks Market. Good thing it was my half birthday or I bet David would've complained. When my browsing got to be too much for him to handle, he avoided direct complaints by saying things like "Do you want to buy anything here?" Which I knew meant, "Are you done yet?" I try to stave off David's complaints by throwing in a few well-timed "Thanks for all your patience"s before he gets too antsy. There was lots to look at... and things to taste too. I believe we tried some fudge, which was better than the "Three Sisters Fudge" we sampled a few days earlier. We also tried some different jams & jellies. There were booths with books, photography, metal sculpture, wooden frames, baby onesies, toys, blankets, license plates, etc. Many of the booths said "No Pictures", so we had to settle for a general view of the market:

David picked out a wooden frame in the shape of Australia. I picked a children's book- Diary of a Wombat.

The neatest thing I saw there was probably a big metal sculpture of a bird--all made out of spoons, forks & serving utensils.
The cutest thing I saw was a fleece blanket with appliques of different Aussie animals on it.
The coolest thing (there is a fine distinction between "neatest" and "coolest") I saw was a guy doing "space art"--spray-painting, then rubbing in, smearing out, adding another layer of paint, etc. When he finally finished, the result was a really neat "painting"!
The most mouth-watering thing I saw there was a tie... there were big ears of corn on the cob (made me wish I hadn't eaten such a big breakfast!) and humongous chocolate-covered strawberries. There were "strawberry sticks" with 6 choco-strawberries and there were "strawberry banana sticks" with a combination guessed it!...strawberries and bananas. I vowed to return to the Rocks Market before closing time (4pm) and get one of those strawberries!

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