Saturday, July 19, 2008

Australia Day 4: Part 2- Room Service

No pictures in this post...but believe me, there will be plenty of pictures in the next one!

Finding the bus, riding the bus, and getting across town to our hotel was easy! Getting off of the bus and getting across the lobby were much more challenging! By that time our muscles and bones had gotten stiff from sitting so long and being cold and the marathon pain had really begun to set in. Thank goodness we weren't staying at our Sydney hotel yet (no elevator!). We rode the elevator up to the 16th floor and got all cleaned up to order room service. Room service at our hotel was ridiculously expensive and more often than not, after a long run, I'm craving pizza. So we ordered Domino's delivery! We ordered a large pizza and some cheesy bread. The cheesy bread was delicious, and it's a good thing we each got our own, because a "large" pizza to Australians is definitely not the same thing as a "large" pizza to Americans! (And yet somehow Australians have earned the honor of being the 2nd most overweight nation, according to one of our bus drivers!) Anyway, think "Personal Pan" and add maybe one more piece, or a half of one more piece...and that's a large pizza.

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