Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goal Check-Up #2.

September is halfway over now, so I'm going to check up on my goals again. I should also add "do things that result in more interesting blog content" to my list of goals. Maybe in October.

1. RUN. Goal: 18 runs. Current progress: 9 runs. OMG... I'm halfway through my goal and halfway through the month! Hooray! I've been running a whole lot because I've been working with a friend who wants to get started running. We meet about 3 times a week and mostly walk with some running thrown in. But I have to run to her house and back so usually I get in 4-5 miles in addition to the mileage we cover in our walk/runs. Plus, I found a running group that meets 3 days a week. I've only gone twice so far, but I have good intentions to go tomorrow!

2. Read. Goal: 3 books. Current progress: STILL about 1/4 way through the first book, "The Know-It-All" by AJ really is good, I swear. I just haven't carved out much time for reading lately.

3. Knit. Goal: 3 FOS. Current FO count: still 0. Current *almost* FO count: more cuff to finish off on the soaker (I really don't know why I don't just take 20 minutes and knock this one out!) and about 30 rounds left to go on my 2nd mitten. I've also chosen the third project, so that's a start, right?!

4. Cook/Bake. Goal: 6 new recipes. Current progress: 2 new recipes. Chicken Corn Tortilla Soup from my new Robin Rescues Dinner cookbook, and Chocolate Zucchini Bread (recipe here)

5. Get a job. Progress: Putting this off...need to focus on my other, more enjoyable goals.

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