Saturday, October 09, 2010

On the Needles

On the Needles right now:
Helena  (here's my Helena on Ravelry) -- I'm making this baby sweater for no other reason than to make room for more yarn! I'm so close to being finished.
It now has two sleeves and I finished turning the picot hem. My least favorite task lies ahead--picking up stitches around the front opening & neck.

Amused  (My Amused on Ravelry)-- I am completely embarrassed that I started this project 360 days ago. And it's shoved, unfinished, in my step tansu.

It probably still looks a lot like the photo above. I'm frustrated by the color pooling, and I can no longer remember where I left off in the pattern. I don't know what I will do with this sweater...finish or frog??? But at least I've now acknowledged its existence.

Big Snugs (my ravelry project link)-- Another project that I can't believe I'm admitting to hiding in the step tansu.
I know that this is still the spot where this project is because, unless the little knitting elves sneaked in and fixed it for me, I'm stuck at this part. Literally. I did something really wacky when picking up my stitches and my needle is so very stuck in there. Like really, really stuck. I'm in this strange stage of the knitting-related grief process where I'm no longer in denial about the problem itself, but still dealing with a lot of denial with regards to the solution to this problem most likely involving a tiny pair of scissors. Or elves.

Also on the needles are a few swatches that I'm supposed to take to a knitting class I'm taking on the 23rd. Just 2 more weeks!! It's "finishing school" where I will finally learn the "right" way to seam those projects that do make it off the needles!

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