Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010's the Charm

I think I'm going to "pre-make" a December Daily album this year. Don't know what December Daily is? It's an Ali Edwards project and you can get an overview here. 
The basic idea is that you build an album or pages for your album for the month of December, in advance, and then during December, you journal & take pictures of what's going on on a daily basis (hence the clever title, December Daily) and just add in your journaling & photos. In my case, I'll be adding my photos later because I don't print at home.
I'm going to make mine a mini, since I've been really into mini-albums lately. I've been so into mini-albums lately that I actually made one, bringing my collection up to 2. But I have plans for a few others, including this one.
During one of my flickr searches for mini-albums, I found this one made from a box of soap. I use the liquid body wash, but lucky for me, David uses bar soap. (Irish Spring, in case you were wondering.) I searched "soap box mini album" on google and the first link that popped up was actually this video tutorial made by the same person whose flickr photo had inspired me!

I have tons of holiday themed papers in my scrapbook stash and my mom brought me some more adhesive when she came to visit. I've chosen the format of my project and declared my intention to do it. So, there's no turning back now! (Unless I can't manage to clear a path from the doorway of my "hobby room" to my table...)

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