Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12 of 12: The Can't Find My Camera Edition

Well, I sure am glad that this is NOT going to be the final year for the official 12 of 12 after all, because I have not done well at participating each month!
I don't know where my camera is! I had it on Sunday, I do know that... but it's not in any of it's usual hangouts.
So my 12 of 12 exist only in my mind--

1. 0705- Woke up, checked watch and actually remembered it was 12 of 12.
2. 0745- Dressed & ready for a run to my friend's house, a walk & run with her, and a run home. I'll go ahead and count that as 3 runs for the day.
3. 1045- Breakfast-- Special K. I'm saving my last box of Frankenberry for later.
4. 1100- Washing dishes, until I decided not to wash anymore dishes.
5. 1300- Commissary, where I tried to pick a pumpkin but they were all displayed so you didn't notice the dented, moldy side.
6. 1500- My pretty pink & yellow flowers outside the front door. Unfortunately, the rosy smelling roses seem to have died as suddenly as they appeared. 
7. 1600- Organizing coupons & throwing out the ones that expired 7 months ago. The commissaries only accept the ones that expired less than 6 months ago.
8. 1740- David comes home from work.
9. 1815- Our dinner looks tasty and beautiful-- Penne w/ Salmon & Asparagus.
10. 1820- We watch tv while we eat... tonight is How I Met Your Mother.
11. 1900- I decided to knit, but...
12. 1910- we researched travel ideas instead.

Need to find my camera for next month... November should be an interesting 12!

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