Monday, October 11, 2010

Holiday Dinner

Happy Columbus Day!
Or, if you're Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving!

October-December (well, January 12, actually!) is my favorite time of year because of all the festive foods! Christmas cookies, all the yummy Thanksgiving side dishes, apple cider, pumpkin goodies, "creepy" Halloween foods, chili, tamales, pierogi, fudge, bark & brittle... it's a great time to eat!

Since today is Columbus Day (and Canadian Thanksgiving), I decided that we'd have to have Italian food for dinner tonight, in honor of that famous Italian who wasn't actually the first person to sail to America.  (I don't know any Canadian recipes)
I planned a Giada DeLaurentis recipe for tonight-- Roman-style Fettucine from her Everyday Pasta cookbook. I don't know if Columbus ever went to Rome or if he ever ate anything like this, but it was good!

Unfortunately, I was baking apple bread (delicious!! from the Better Homes & Gardens classic "red plaid") while I was supposed to be cooking dinner, so David took over the dinner-cooking tonight. He's not exactly a great recipe reader, and I still chopped the veggies, herbs (the thyme was from our garden!), and garlic, but the dinner was great!! But, since David did the majority of the cooking, I have to do the dishes! :( Boo! 

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