Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12, July: It's my Half-Birthday!!

The 12th of June was the first day of my trip to Ireland, so I didn't get to add my photos on time. You can see June's 12 of 12 here.

On the 12th of May, I was basking in the sun in Morocco... that 12 of 12 is here.

Everyone else's 12 of 12s for this month can be found here on Chad Darnell's blog.

And now, onto my July 12 of 12... (please consider visiting my links to my May June 12 of 12s so you don't think I'm a boring hermit!)

1. 1225, Craft Room, Thetford, UK

I'd already been up for hours, wishing myself a happy half-birthday and ordering a couple more birthday gifts for David, but totally forgot about 12 of 12! Luckily I saw Helen's fb status! Anyway, this is my CLEAN craft room! I cleaned it last weekend and I just love the way I can walk on the floor now!

2. 1230, Craft Room, Thetford, UK

One of the most exciting parts of cleaning my craft room was cutting my yarn down from 5 plastic bins to 2. It's unimportant that one of them is a gigantic 40-gallon tote.  Anyway, I decided to bag up the yarn so I'm more likely to find it in that big ol' container and also so it doesn't get quite so tangly. I worked on the last of the bagging (and adding to my ravelry stash!) today.

3. 1240, Craft Room, Thetford, UK

Needed to take a break from stashing and clean off the table. My little friend (she's 13 and at least a foot taller than me!) came over to work on some scrapbooking & cards today and we needed a place to work! So I didn't get around to making an apron from this cute tea towel I bought at Tesco the other day. I don't really know what tea towels are for, so I figured I might as well make myself an apron!

4. 1757, Bedroom, Thetford, UK

David was so excited to receive this package, he couldn't even part with it while he came upstairs to change out of his uniform. So, we opened it in the bedroom... a big box full of heaven! Coco's Curry straight from Okinawa!!! Yum, yum!

5. 1757, Bedroom, Thetford, UK

Then I made David look at the cards I made today. He was a little less excited about the cards than the curry, but he still told me that they were very nice!

6. 1758, Bedroom, Thetford, UK

Then David gave ME a card! After all, it IS my half-birthday!!!

7. 1802, Bedroom, Thetford, UK

My mom sent US a card... for the 4th of July. Wonder where my 1/2 birthday card is!?! God Bless the USA...and you know what? God Bless the IRS too... our tax refund checks were in our 4th of July card!

8. 1905, Kitchen Thetford, UK

Even though I'd had pulled pork in the crock pot all day, David insisted that we have the Coco's for dinner tonight! We learned that while I need David for things like moving furniture and getting rid of bugs, he needs me just as much for making rice. Poor guy messed up the Minute Rice!

9. 1909, Kitchen, Thetford, UK

Since I let David choose the dinner menu on MY half-birthday, I was in charge of dessert. I assembled Banana Boats while David salivated over the idea of our favorite Okinawan fast-food.

10. 1915, Kitchen, Thetford, UK

I know I'm making it seem like David is the only one who loves Coco's Curry...but that's really not an accurate representation of what was going on here tonight. We leaned in to smell the curry and HUGE smiles came across both of our faces!

11. 1944, Kitchen, Thetford, UK

Who has to wash dishes on her half-birthday??? I didn't have to do them all, David did all of the other ones, I just rinsed our dinner plates so we could eat dessert off of them.

12. 1946, Kitchen, Thetford, UK

David's first ever Banana Boat. I don't know why we haven't had them before, they're one of my favorite treats... we had them out of the oven tonight, and they were ooey, gooey and delicious but they're much much better cooked in a campfire!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out the ones I didn't get to post on time-- May-12 of 12 in Morocco June--12 of 12 in Ireland!


seifenmacherin said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. I will remeber your Banana boats when we have our next barbecue!

Big hallo from Vienna

Dogeared said...

Tea towels are for drying your dishes! Sometimes you don't have time to wait for them to dry naturally, or maybe you have too much to fit on the drying rack.

Because not everyone has a dishwasher ;-)

Yay for clean and tidy craft rooms, I can understand what a big job that is to sort.

And yay for half birthdays and presents from Okinawa :D

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Hello Becca!
What a nice craft room! Must be a lot of fun to work in it! You seem to be a very creative woman! Good for you, you'll never get bored!

I now want a banana boat!

TJ said...

A nice way at looking into a day in your life. I hope you both enjoy your curry. and better late than never happy late half b-day. Thanks for sharing your pictures and will see you next month

Jill said...

Happy half-birthday!! (your card is in the mail, tee hee)

I LOVE your apron - the blue pattern is fantastic.

Oh, and thanks for reminding me of banana boats... they're perfect for summer.

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