Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Things to do instead of watching TV

The TV usually doesn't come on until David gets home. Every now & then, if I'm home in time for Jeopardy or Oprah, I'll tune in.  Here are 10 things you'll find me doing when the TV isn't on...
1. Surf the web! One link just leads to another, and I could waste hours on the computer...
2. Wash dishes, do laundry, general tidy-up (that's what I did yesterday...all day!)
3. Read
4. Do a crossword puzzle
5. Listen to a podcast. I have about a billion-quatrillion podcasts that I subscribe to.So if I'm doing dishes, cleaning, cooking, scrapbooking, running, or driving, it's usually to the sound of a podcast.
6. Plan a trip, a party, or a grocery list
7. Run (only time I do this while watching tv is at the gym!)
8. Knit (I'm usually doing this when the tv is on too)
9. Sew
10. Scrapbook (I DO still scrapbook, believe it or not! I was just working on a project this morning. If the tv's on, I'll digi scrap!)

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