Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12 (June)--Ireland

Hmm, well... I need to come back and post pictures from days 3-5 of our Ireland trip! But first I have to go back to day 1 of the trip, because it was the 12th...and I need to post a 12 of 12!!

0. I wish I would've gotten a photo of the clock as we pulled out of the 0330!
1. 0815, Killarney Guest House, Cork City, Ireland

we arrived at our b&b bright & early and were served tea, coffee & Irish soda bread. It was all very yummy. I drank an entire pot of tea in under 30 minutes. I couldn't help myself... they had sugar cubes!

2. 0953, Courthouse, Cork City, Ireland

I'm still trying to figure this one out... a faucet on the outer wall of the courthouse urging those who use the faucet (for what?) to keep the pavement dry. We were out walking around in search of shampoo & soap since we didn't think to get any 3 oz. or less bottles before flying with hand luggage only!

3. 1050, Killarney Guest House, Cork City, Ireland

We weren't sure when Lisa and Joe would arrive, and we were exhausted! I was content to fall asleep sitting up, but David decided to pull off his shoes & make himself comfortable on the couch in the lounge. This behaviour encouraged the people at the b&b to have our room ready early.

4. 1526, Cork City, Ireland

Lisa & Joe arrived & woke us up from our nap (in our room, not in the lounge), we went out for lunch (David chose a Mexican restaurant), and then we walked around Cork City for a little bit.

5. 1531, Cork City, Ireland

We're getting ready to take a look at the Holy Trinity Church.

6. 1534, Holy Trinity Church, Cork City, Ireland

(At least I *think* it's the Holy Trinity Church... the signs were a little confusing)  Ever since we went to Edinburgh Castle, I always notice when ceilings resemble the bottoms of boats. Speaking of boats...

7. 1551, Lapps Quay, Cork City, Ireland

Our next stop was the end of the Ocean to City Race and Maritime Festival.

8. 1729, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City, Ireland

Not far from our b&b, there was another festival going on... here's a guy who juggled fire and got a bunch of people disco dancing. He was either Canadian or American.

9. 1745, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City, Ireland

Joe had to use the bathroom and there was a LOOOOOOONG line for the 3 port-a-potties there. David went off in search of pretty pictures while we waited for Joe.

10. 1809, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City, Ireland

Probably the next best thing to the World Cup. Or maybe the next to next to next to next best thing.

11. 1815, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City, Ireland

This guy wins the prize for the creepiest street performer!

12. 1916, Bob Fox's, Cork City, Ireland

We found a place where David could see & hear the World Cup USA vs England game AND have his very first Guinness.

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Dogeared said...

I didn't realise you'd done a 12 of 12 for last month! I know you gave links in your July one, but I thought they were for older months, I didn't realise I'd missed an Irish June one!

Looks fun though, and David has a great idea for getting a room quicker - lie down!

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