Friday, May 21, 2010

May 12 of 12: The (belated) Moroccan Edition

I'm really making an effort to participate in every 12 of 12 this year... but we didn't know if we'd have (free) internet access, [and we wanted to have a real vacation, not a "I'll be down at the pool as soon as I finish checking my e-mail, reading facebook status updates & catching up on blog posts" vacation] so we didn't take a laptop with us.

I definitely got 12 pics on the 12th, though... and here they are:
All pics were taken in Agadir, Morocco
(if you missed it, you can read the rest of the trip recap here.)

1. 07-something a.m., Riu Hotel Tikida Beach room 219, Agadir, Morocco---the view of the Atlantic from our room. 
2. 10-something a.m., poolside @ the Tikida Beach---one of our daily Scrabble matches. It's much harder for us to play without our handy Scrabble dictionary. We wrote all of the words we wanted to challenge & agreed to subtract double the regular point value from our scores if they're not actually words!

3. 2-something in the afternoon, Riu Tikida Beach Archery "field" (?)--- Robin Hood of Tikida Beach. David joined in the archery competition and was the 1st place winner... the plate he's holding is his "trophy"

4. 3-something in the afternoon, Le Olivio restaurant at the Tikida Beach---a delicious snack of crepes & chocolate (or strawberry) sauce. Our favorite afternoon snacks were the waffles.

5. 8:15 p.m.ish, Chelmsayour (?), Agadir, Morocco---This is our "Fantasia Arabian Nights" experience... the guards (?) on horseback welcomed us as we got off the tour bus.

6. 8:30 pm-ish, Chemsalyour---We're on our way to our tent for dinner.

7. 2040ish, Chemsalyour/Fantasia---sharing some fresh, hot, delicious Berber bread.

8. 21-something, our dinner tent---I bet you didn't know I could read Arabic, did you? I'll prove it... this says "Coca Cola".

9. 21-something, our dinner tent---I didn't know that "traditional Moroccan dances" used telephones, but for some reason, this performer danced around and had everyone hold the phone, wear his hat and pose for a picture.

10. 22-something, dinner tent---a photo with the creepiest performer of the night. "Personal space" was not her strong suit.

11. 22-something, the "stage" outside at Chemsalyour---fire jugglers. We were in the front row, so we really felt the heat when they blew on the flames!
12. maybe 22 or 23-something, on the way out of Chemsalyour---the performers sang, clapped & danced as we headed back to our coach. This guy was my favorite because he's old and he can balance a rifle on his head :)

Next month will be another delayed 12... we'll be in Ireland!


Dogeared said...

Looks like a lovely and exotic 12 of 12!

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure your boy won nothing because the bow is strigned wrong and unable to shoot like that. Anyone even faintly capable of archery would know this instantly.

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