Monday, April 05, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

'Twas the night before Easter... so we colored our Easter Eggs!
    Three eggs cracked in the process of hard boiling, but I decided that only 2 were too cracked to color. I searched high and low for a plain ol' Paas dye kit. The BX only had fancy-schmancy tie-dye eggs, speckle eggs, princess eggs with fairy glitter. (I bought the one with fairy glitter *just in case*). I found the Paas at the commissary and I was very happy until I opened the package on Saturday night. Where's the wax crayon? Where are the egg holder thingies with the Paas characters on them? The egg holders in this package didn't even hold my eggs properly. And there were only 3 of those wrap-around things, which I love but always forget to use. I feel bad for all of the kids (and me) who will never (again) know the true Paas Easter Egg Dying experience. I know, I know that Paas is not the reason for the season...but it's definitely a fun part!
     I think that this is only our second Easter together. Maybe our 3rd (out of a possible 7). I don't really recall coloring eggs together, which is probably why I invited David to color eggs with me. When he had already dropped 4 of our 10 eggs in the dye before I even had a chance to bend the egg dipper, I began to second-guess my decision to include him in my fun. What kind of person doesn't even draw on ONE egg? Or carefully consider how many of each color you want BEFORE dropping them in the dye? Crazy!
Bowls do not work as well as coffee cups for dying eggs. But I was nervous about staining the insides of my light blue and light green coffee cups (??) I wonder if my mom has the old coffee cups that we used to use for dying eggs, the light brown ones with the black line at the top.
I let the eggs "soak" while I prepped Sunday's breakfast, so they got nice and bright! :)
These are supposed to look like bird nests made out of chow mein noodles and marshmallows. A few of them look like bird nests and help the other ones. If you can tell that one is supposed to be a bird nest, you can guess that the similarly shaped blob next to it is too. You're supposed to put them in muffin tins to shape them, but I thought that might get too messy. (I think that's a good thing, because I had to shimmy them up 
with a little serving spatula and that would've been much harder in a muffin tin).

The night before Easter (because even though I love to plan things waaaaaaaay in advance, I am only capable of doing them at the very last minute) I made these little treat bags. There used to be 7 of them and one of them didn't used to be empty. I forgot to take a picture before people took their bags. I'm glad that 2 people forgot theirs! 

I also spent the night before Easter knitting a little bunny hat for this little guy. (And also the time immediately after I ate my Easter breakfast at brunch time because remember what I said about the *very last minute*?)
Unfortunately, the darn kid slept the whole time and I didn't get to see if the hat fit his tiny little head. And I hadn't taken a picture of the hat not on his head either, so I don't even have a pic for Ravelry.  Can you tell that I learned how to hold an infant as a small child? Jaclyn asked, "do you want to hold him?" and I sat on the couch with a pillow under my elbow and got my arms ready for her to set him down. And I didn't move. The baby is 3 months and almost 7 lbs now (this is the 9 week preemie baby) but still a little tiny for me. When a full-term baby is around 3 months old, I'm fine with (although still not terribly interested in) holding it. I like babies best when they are maybe 7 or 8 months and up. They're just more fun that way. 

Since I mentioned my "Easter Breakfast at Brunch Time" (calling it this made it possible for me to avoid cooking a ham--which I think looks like the inside of your knee when you take a bad fall on your bicycle, and besides I still don't have a functional oven!) I will take this opportunity to tell you what I made--
fruit salad with lime & honey dressing (chopped all but the apples & bananas on Saturday night)--kiwis, strawberries, oranges, grapes, apples & bananas and then 1/3c fresh squeezed lime juice + 3/4c honey whisked together and poured on. It was delicious!
so-much-better-than-grits grits (browned the sausage and scrambled the eggs on Saturday night)--in the morning I just had to boil some water with butter (lots) and salt, dump in some grits, stir in the sausage, eggs, dump in a jar of that bright yellow hot cheese, and move it all to the crockpot to keep it warm. Y-U-M. So good. 
Mascarpone stuffed French toast with peach syrup- all the prep for this was done on Sunday, but it wasn't too bad. Whisk up some powdered sugar and lemon zest with the mascarpone and stuff it in some Texas toast. My plan was to do this as a "french toast station" where you dip it in the batter yourself and make it to order (usually I do a baked french toast which is nice because it's all warm and done at the same time) but my friend Wendy and I ended up cooking up all the french toast and eating last. Oh well. We are also the only ones who had the delicious peach sauce, which was just peaches, sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg. 
The picture is of the last piece, which I had for breakfast this morning. We had some for dinner last night too. It was delicious, but I'm glad to see it go. 
Sunrise Punch- did this on Sunday morning too...but it definitely would've been smarter to squeeze the 7 limes the night before. I made too much of this (triple recipe?) and will be drinking it all week. 2 c cran, 2 c pineapple, 1 can apricot nectar, 1/2 c lime juice, top it off with ginger ale to serve. 

My Easter "mantlescape".
(I tried the grass & eggs parfait but David thought it would look better with all of the eggs on top). Made my quick garland with some pastel scraps and my scallop punch. 

My sock bunnies are so cute! The pitcher is from one of the charity shops in town centre. I thought it was springy and sweet.

This is David's basket (but one of those Rice Krispies Treats chocolate covered bunnies is MINE!)

My basket. Brown Bunny arrived with plenty of time to spare. He's in charge of guarding my Cadbury Creme Egg. I was concerned that it might be bad juju to put bunny ears on my shisa. But he looks cute and it hasn't brought bad luck so far. 

And what do two adults do with their Easter eggs after all the company has gone home? 

Why, have an Easter Egg hunt, of course!

PS- I made my sweater!


onescrappychick said...

what fun! I love your sweater.. it came out awesome.

Dogeared said...

I loved seeing your Easter photos - you do so much more than me!

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