Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 13: TV shows I watch

Last night, David successfully hooked up our AFN decoder, satellite, etc. I got hooked on AFN back in 2003 when I was a live-in nanny for a military family in Italy. (That's also where I got hooked on David!) AFN is the Armed Forces Network, and it gives us access to good ol' American tv when we're stationed overseas. There aren't a whole lot of choices as far as channels go, and two of the channels play the same shows on a different time shift (for those stationed in the "Atlantic", like me, and for those stationed in the Pacific, like I used to be). I actually think that there's another channel that plays the same shows on a third shift for those in the desert, but I've never had that channel (until now?) Some of the shows air on a big delay (like shows that take a "season break" might not start until after that long break), and some of the shows (like American Idol and SURVIVOR!!!!) air just one day late. On base, it's pretty much all set up and ready to go, but when you live off base, there's a little more work involved. We had to buy our own cable box (I think we rented it as part of our cable bill at Kadena?? Not sure.) and an antenna and a new cable to lead from the house to the antenna (??). Luckily, David knows way more than the average bear about all of this, so he was able to get it all set up and all I had to do was watch the television for the satellite signal and shout out the window like a crazy person "ZERO! 68! 71! ZERO! 86!" until it was all set. So, now I get to watch my AFN again! I love the "commercials"--they can't play actual advertising commercials so it's lots of PSAs about gambling, PCSing (military moves), historical info about people & places, etc. And, I'm excited to be able to watch some of my favorite shows again...we have British tv, and they play a LOT of American shows on some of the channels (Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, 90210, Glee, True Blood, Without a Trace, Two and a Half Men, etc.) and I've found a few British shows to love (Countdown!! My fave!) but I'm so excited to be reunited with AFN... here are 13 shows I'm  happy to have the chance to watch on AFN:

1. Jeopardy--based on my reaction when I realized I'd be able to watch Jeopardy again, one would think I had won the lottery!
2. Oprah
3. Amazing Race
4. American Idol (this is on British TV, and we'll probably continue watching it there since we can record it and watch it at our convenience)
5. Survivor
6. 60 Minutes (although I usually download this audio podcast and listen while I make dinner, do dishes, etc.)
7. Wheel of Fortune
8. Top Chef
9. 20/20
10. Good Morning America (which I will probably never watch, because it's on at 10pm & 4am!)
11. Design on a Dime
12. Misc. Food Network shows
13. The Suze Orman Show

Now, I definitely won't get to all of these... I've gotten used to my Sky+ box and being able to record, watch later & fast forward through commercials!


Amy said...

I've never really thought about which shows I would miss if I didn't have my television. The funny thing is most of my favorites are British shows. The IT Crowd, You Are What You Eat, Top Gear, Doctor Who etc. I was so excited when I discovered my in laws have BBCA in their cable package. Such exhilaration!

Janet said...

I remember those days LOL!

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