Monday, April 12, 2010

12 of 12: The Beautiful Day

I think I've played along every month so far this year... making a point to do so since Chad has decided this would be his last year hosting.
Next month, I WILL take 12 photos on the 12th.....and they should be exciting and/or beautiful! But I won't be able to post them until later in the week.

But for this month...not so exciting, but still a gorgeous day in Thetford!

1. My living room, 0900:
Double-checking yesterday's 10k race results. My official "chip time" was 53:28 and I was 389th out of 987.

2. My living room, 1215
I spent nearly 3 hours on the phone with my friend Jess (we both love to talk!) and while I was on the phone, I occupied myself dismantling Saturday's baby shower.

3. Melford Terrace, Thetford 1604
I finally made it out of the house to enjoy the beautiful day...sunny and not too cold! I walked to Aldi to pick up some groceries for tonight's dinner. I love running/walking up the Melford Terrace hill because, even though all of the houses look alike, there are a lot of neat house number signs.

I ended up taking 47 pictures today, quite a few outside in town... I'm going to save them for another "Around the Town Tuesday" post next week! 

4. Magdalen Street, Thetford, 1608
Somehow, I had never noticed that this pink house is a bed & breakfast. Lately, I've entertained the thought of one day having a bed and breakfast. And a Christmas tree farm.

5. Jolleyes (?) Pet Supply Store, Thetford, 1616
Before I crossed the parking lot to Aldi, I stopped in the pet supply store for the first time ever. It definitely smells like a pet store. I was hunting for duck food, even though my ducks haven't been around in a while... I think they might be tending to their ducklings???? Anyway, I was reading the notice board and these 2 caught my eye. The yellow one is for the Cinnamon Trust which is a group of volunteers that help elderly pet owners walk their dogs, tend to their cats, drive to vet appointments, etc. Between my new tutoring "business", spouses' group, and Girl Scouts volunteering, my schedule is filling up...but I might be able to squeeze just one more thing in if they're looking for volunteers!  The white paper is something I'm trying to convince David to let me do (since I won't be able to convince him to let me get a dog). The Breckland Cat Protection Society is looking for foster families for cats. The cats stay out in the garden in "cat cabins" and they provide the food and litter. Foster parents just need to take care of the cats and spend a little time with them each day. I have a plan that just might get David on board with this!

 6. Lime Kiln Lane, Thetford 1637
After browsing around Aldi and finding just about everything I needed (and satisfactory substitutes for the stuff they didn't have) I headed back home. Right around the corner from Aldi, I saw this banner and it reminded me of when I lived in Italy and when families had new babies they'd put beautiful pink or blue ribbons on their doors. This one was a "Birthday Girl" banner and not quite as beautiful, but I still wanted a picture.

7. Castle Street, Thetford 1648
Almost home!  By this point, with 2 jars of tomato sauce, one can of tomatoes, a box of juice, 2 containers of "soft cheese" and a bag of frozen veg in my carrier bag, I was really wishing that I a bag on wheels to push my shopping around in. I think they might really be for little old ladies, but I'm little and I'm a lady, so I think 2 out of 3 should qualify me for bag-on-wheels status!

8. Driveway, 1658
When I turned the corner, I was a little bit surprised to see David's car in the driveway already! And even more surprised to see him wearing his golfing clothes instead of his uniform when I walked in the house! (And a little bit ashamed that it took me 10 minutes to walk the quarter-mile in between the last picture and the house!)

9. Music/Half-Laundry room (the dryer is in here, but the washer is in the kitchen!) 1853
I love that it's so light out at 10 til 7! Watering my tomatoes, basil, thyme and cilantro. The cilantro is really getting out of hand... I wonder if I should be harvesting the leaves now? Each plant only has a few leaves, but a few of them seem to not be strong enough to handle the top-heaviness. Also wondering if I should sow more seeds in the same planter or if the roots will be competing with each other???

 10. Kitchen, 1941
David is such a sweetie and such a good helper! He washed "all of the dishes from the baby shower" (he doesn't know that I had stashed quite a few dirties in the dishwasher--it doesn't really wash dishes well so it is a drying rack and a place to hide dirty dishes when company comes over and I don't have time to wash them!) Then he helped me out by dipping pretzels in the last of the white chocolate while I got dinner ready.

11. Kitchen, 1941
So the problem with it being lighter later is that I totally don't realize it's time to make dinner! We ate really late tonight! Tonight's dinner was "lasagna rolls with herbed cheese" and it will be dinner for the family with the sick little girl tomorrow night. It was pretty tasty even though I had to herb the cheese myself since Aldi didn't have what I was looking for. The family (and the guy who delivers meals to them) will also get a few chocolate dipped pretzels.

12. Living room, 2225
For someone who mandated that there be "no pink" in our home before we got married, he sure does love this pink blanket that my cousin & little cousin made for me! David fell asleep while we were watching Vampire Diaries and is still curled up here on the couch right now. I'm either going to have to carry him up the stairs or wake him up after I get this bets are on waking him up! :)


Dogeared said...

Yeah I think you'll have to wake him up, I've now got a mental picture of you giving him a fireman's lift upstairs, and he's a lot bigger and heavier than you!

I agree about the bags on wheels thing. I live on a steep hill, and if I have some fruit juice, canned veg and only a few other bits, it gets really heavy! what I'm thinking of doing, is stocking up on heavy and durable things like fizzy drinks, fruit squash, fruit juice, tinned things, and getting Tesco to deliver. There's a small charge, but then I wouldn't have to carry all the heavy things (and make loads of trips).

And aww, gotta admire a man who can embrace the pink, or pretty blanket! It must be soft and cosy in that case, and so perfect for napping :D

Martini Dan said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing your day. I have to say I do not like DST but I know I am in the minority there. But don't you just love Vampire Diaries! I love vampire books, movies, shows and was so glad this series turned out so good!

TJ said...

I enjoyed your photos. The pink house was interesting. I too would love a B & B but at the same time I think about the work involved and that makes me question the whole idea. Who knows though never say never. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing next moths pictures.

Pete said...

Hi Bec, I'm sure you woke David up too :) Congrats on completing the 10k too.

BU said...

Cilantro is only sold here in giant leafy mops that you couldn't possibly use all at once. We bought some over a week ago and we're still trying to put it into everything to use it up before it goes bad!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Hi Bec!
I think the volunteer thing about helping eldery people with their pets is great. In some cases, their dog (or cat) is all they have... sad.

See you next month!

Lipp said...

nice '12...& great time on the 10k! I recently ran my 1st one & am hooked!

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures, Becca. We have the same trash cans in Germany (not that important to know, but I realized it when I saw your pictures). And you ran the 10k in a great time. I run/walk 7k in 45 minutes, so I still need some training to get where you are.

Thank you for sharing your day with us. And good luck with your plan. I think it would be a great thing to do.

Jill said...

HOORAY for your 10K!!! Running is a challenge for me, so your run time put you in goddess status to me!

Thanks for sharing your 12, Bec!

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