Sunday, June 01, 2008

Most Dedicated Runner(s)

In high school track & cross country, not a season went by that I didn't receive some kind of award at the sports banquet. In track, I was "Most Improved" and "Sportsmanship". The ones I treasure most were my cross country "Most Dedicated Runner" awards. My best friend on the team is a natural runner...there was no question that she'd be MVP every time. But, secretly, I believed that my award was really the most valuable award. Coach Hey picked *me* as Most Dedicated Runner. He had no idea.

Yesterday morning, we got up early to run and beat the sunshine. It's way too humid here, and once the sun breaks out, you've got no chance! When I say "early", you might be thinking 5 or 6. By 5:00 a.m., I had already run almost 10 miles. We woke up at 3 and left the house about 3:30. A lot of people run marathons, so I know a lot of people get out and run 18 miles. A lot of them are probably out starting their run or in the middle of their run by 7:30. But not us... we were finished by 7:30. Now that's dedication!

Oh...and I've been saying "we". I think it's time I share my Most Dedicated Runner title (for now) with David. He was up and running by 3:30 too. Although he's already decided that his first marathon will be his last!


Cyndi said...

I can't believe how early you got up. I don't know if I mentioned this to you... but you runners are definitely a different Breed... I saw your father on 93rd one day, really early in the morning going out for his run too.

You'll be proud of me I walked 13 miles today and got up at 6:30a.m. to do it. No running for me.

Dogeared said...

That is real and true dedication - I'm in awe :D

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