Sunday, May 25, 2008

6 Questions

I saw this on another blog, and although I wasn't tagged (and I'm not tagging, either), I decided to go ahead and answer. It's nice when I don't actually have to think of a topic to blog about!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? 10 years ago I was getting ready to graduate from High School. I bet Senior breakfast & ditch day were right around this time. I wore the cutest plaid dress & then the Kathys and I went to the beach for a little while. We took Jill, too, even though she wasn’t a senior. Generally, we drove around singing Backstreet Boys songs, saw a lot of movies, and ordered a lot of pizza because the delivery boy was cute.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today: It’s the weekend. I don’t do a to-do list on the weekends!

3. Snacks I enjoy: Chips & dip. Pretzels. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (but not the cinnamon ones or black licorice). Gummy bears.

4. Places I've lived: East Chicago, IN, Merrillville, IN, Kenosha WI, Waukegan IL, Racine, WI, Aviano Italy, Crown Point, IN, Okinawa Japan

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Hmm…buy gas? Try to act normal and not get all "But I'm a fabulous billionaire". Invest. Send some kids to college (not necessarily my own, but them too if I had some). Buy a house on some land & a horse for David. Get a few Masters degrees/doctorates. Get a nice little winter cabin somewhere close to a ski slope, and ooooo, maybe a place to stay in Cabo too. Misc. travel around, (have I spent my billion dollars yet?), shop for clothes, shoes, yarn, furniture & scrapbook stuff, donate to Camp Lawrence, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Rails to Trails, and some other nice organizations. OOooo…hire someone to wash my dishes, put gas in my car, and wind my yarn into center pull balls.

6. Jobs I've had: Limited Too sales girl (I was awesome at folding & hanging clothes!), Camp Counselor x 7, after-school babysitter, education office girl at Carthage, 1st grade teacher x 3, nanny, 3rd grade teacher, 1st/2nd multi-age teacher x 2. I don't know if I'm forgetting any...

7. Peeps I want to know more about: Anyone who would be interested in being hired to wash my dishes, put gas in my car and wind my yarn into center pull balls. ;)

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