Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm bored!

School's out! I'd been counting down for about 175 days & it's finally over...and I'm bored! I've finished 1 400-and-something page book, started a 500-and-something page book and then realized I've already read it, put away clean clothes for 25 minutes (it was a big pile), gone to a softball game (that's where I finished the book...but I did manage to look up in time to see David's home run!), gone to the movies, cleaned up my living room, watered my plants, watched the ends of 4 movies that I fell asleep during the first time around, filed some of my school papers, watched Dr. Phil, started a knitting project, entered some pictures onto Ravelry, and taken 3 showers (in 4 days...that's not too bad!) What else is there for me to do?

Today I will go pay for car insurance (it seems that David has taken a page from my book... I tend to make him do everything because I can't just leave school, take a long lunch, etc. and he can usually be more flexible. Except for during June, July & August, so the car insurance payment has been delegated to me.) and after that I think I will stop at the library. I need something new to read while I wait for a book I ordered for ScrapVillage's new book club to arrive.

Here's my latest knitting project. A whole sweater in 2 days! ;) It's the size of a spool of thread!


onescrappychick said...

I would really love to make some of those for gifts this year.. where did you happen upon the pattern????? I love it. We have 4 more loooooooong days... I am so jealous of your vacation.

cheerful cropper said...

bored? come visit!!! we could scrap the day and night away :)

Cyndi said...

Hey Becca - Bored?? :o) Aren't you excited about coming back to NWI. We all can't wait to have you close to home for a year. Cyndi

Susan said...

wow Becca! you really must have lost some weight to need a sweater THAT size! come to California and let me fatten you up a bit! ;)

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