Monday, September 25, 2006

flip flops and pony tails

So today I got my first comment on this blog! Funny that it was from Britt since I have my hair in a side ponytail today. (well, not so funny because I kind of told her to post it, but I didn't tell her what to say- but actually then I did end up typing it for her... nevermind)... I always think of Britt when I have my hair in a side ponytail because when we were waiting for the Jet Express to get us out of Put-in-Bay (and none too soon, might I add, or we may have lost Becca again) she complimented my side ponytail. Because it wasn't totally 8Os or anything, it was just right.
Another piece of interesting correspondence I received today was this flip-flop exchange "non-chain-letter". In theory, I am supposed to get 36 pairs of flip-flops just for sending out one. One pair, not one flip flop. I tried this with a recipe exchange a while back and I only got 2 recipes. I'll give it a try though, and if I don't get all 36 pairs of flip flops, that's ok because I don't really have room for 36 new pairs of shoes anyway...although I do have a 9 West gift card lying around here!


Leah said...

Just don't send the letter to me... I'd be one of the people you wouldn't get flip flops from. *hangs head in shame*

Susan said...

ya know.....I LOVE flip flops....but 36 pairs? let's get serious!! and yeah, good luck with that! lol!

OneScrappyChick said...

I never got one single recipe last time I did that.. not one!!!


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