Wednesday, February 10, 2010

D's Trip to England: The First Bump in the Road

Good thing I hadn't really had my heart set on David being home on Saturday.
We've encountered our first delay... a 24 hour one so far.
D called early this evening to confirm some travel details and said, "Well, I'll just talk to you when I see you, unless something changes and I won't make it on Saturday. Then I'll call you." We finished our conversation, hung up, and, 5 minutes later......he called back.
I said, "You again? Oh no..."

So, instead of Saturday, the earliest he'll be here now is Sunday. Not too bad. The latest would be Thursday or Friday, as he'd be able to hop on the plane going through Denmark instead of through the US. But we're hoping for Sunday. :(

I hope this is the only bump we encounter, but I won't be surprised if there's another before D finally makes it here! But as he said... we've made it through a YEAR...we can surely handle a few extra days!


Amy said...

Ugh! I hope you will get to see him on Sunday then.

Dogeared said...

I hope he's home soon!

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