Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 of 12: Ready for Ravelympics!

01-0830-My Bathroom. A few weeks ago, one of my ScrapVillage friends linked to a blog post that encouraged readers to "start your day by eating a frog," meaning do the thing you are most dreading first. Mark Twain said,  "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day". I've been trying to apply this (but I'm no masochist, so I only eat a frog every other day, at a maximum!) so this morning before I even opened my bedroom door, I went into the en suite and cleaned the bathroom. Scrubbed the tub, bleached the toilet, cleaned the scum out of the shower drain strainer, put away clothes, swept the floor, and tried to make room for David on the ledge. Most of my stuff is contained in my little IKEA canisters. I wish I had gotten more of the solid white without lids. Next trip, maybe. This picture (aren't you glad I chose to photograph the IKEA jars rather than the toilet or scummy strainer??) makes me giggle because when my mom moved to a new house while I was living in Italy (Always live in a far off place when it's time to move out of your childhood bedroom. Always.), my mom and aunt were cleaning my room and kept unearthing deodorant and lipgloss. My aunt said, "Well, we have learned two things about Rebecca: she smells good and has soft lips!" Nothing has changed... there are 3 sticks of deodorant in the big bowl and at least 8 varieties of lipgloss in the little bowl. (There's also some in my coat pocket, purse, coin purse, and knitting bag.)

2-11:30- I have a confession to make: that last picture was not actually taken at 0830. I didn't remember 12 of 12 until 11:30. The red & white decorations were out so they'd be ready for the Greatest Baby Shower in the History of the World  (or as it's now called, "What Would've Been the Greatest Baby Shower in the History of the World"). I thought about putting them away, but never got around to it. So now they are "Valentine's decorations." If they are still sitting there 5 months from now, I'll throw something blue on the mantle and call them "Fourth of July Decorations". 
At this point, I seriously considered "forgetting" about 12 of's cold and I had no plans to go anywhere or do anything!!  So, consider this your warning...this was a day of bad, boring pictures!

3-1200-I'm SO excited about the Ravelympics! And the Winter Olympics. I wasn't really that excited about the Winter Olympics until I started getting all hyped up about the Ravelympics. I thought, "I love the Summer Olympics, not the Winter Olympics!" but then I thought about it...I actually love Winter Olympics too! Love Moguls, Alpine Skiing, Curling (what the heck is curling? It's crazy-fascinating!), Figure Skating of course, Snowboarding is fun to watch, Hockey, so yeah...pretty much, I love the Winter Olympics! Ravelympics="mass cast on" during Opening Ceremonies and earn "medals" for projects that you complete before the flame goes out. Just a super-fun way to get excited about knitting and winter sports. But I had lots of time on Friday before Opening Ceremonies where I was positively itching to start my projects! But that would be like the Olympic equivalent of doping up! So that was a no-no. Had to find some other way to keep my fingers off the needles, so designed special project pictures for all of my Ravelympic Events. Yes, I am on Team Grilled Cheese. There was no Team Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. 
 4-1530- I'm not cheating! This is sanctioned swatching! Had to make sure I'd be okay using a different size needle than recommended in the pattern for Rusted Root. My US6's are all wonky. I had scary-vivid flashbacks to my Ravelympics disaster of Beijing 2008... a needle malfunction shattered my Olympic dreams and all hope of finishing my February Lady Sweater.  The 7s actually work perfectly with my tension anyway!
5-1730- This is what I should be doing... a huge pile of papers to sort. Almost all of this came from my mail slot, which means that most of it is not mine, either belongs to the landlord or former tenants. But.......
6-1730-This is what I'm doing instead. Jeff Probst trumps paper sorting any day. Those dimples. The way the sound of his voice makes my heart sing even when he's declaring victory for the tribe that I'm NOT rooting for. And I love that he's wearing an orange hat. Because I have an orange hat. I think that's a sign. :) 
7-1800ish- Project Pages all ready for the Ravelympics. I used the TGC logo and then the icons for the winter sports in which I'm going for gold: Single Skein Speed Skate, Hat Halfpipe, Mitten Moguls, Cable Cross Country, Sweaterboard Cross, Lace Luge & WIPs (work-in-progress) Dancing. Wish me luck! 
(at the time of this post, I've already completed my first (small!) project, therefore securing "medals" in Single Skein Speed Skate, Hat Halfpipe, and Lace Luge. I've just cast on for my Rusted Root...Sweaterboard Cross (and a double-medal in Lace Luge!) here we come! 

8-1830- All this thinking about knitting has made me really want to do some knitting! But I must resist the urge to start any of my Ravelympics projects or I'll be DQ'd. So, I decided to take apart this crocheted cowl that I made 2 weeks ago. I had accidentally twisted the stitches when I joined them, so  it wasn't quite right. As I frogged, I re-crocheted it without the twist and now I have a new cowl to wear with my oatmeal colored wool coat. 
9-1930- Dinner. I kind of thought that this would be my last night of eating junk for dinner. David was supposed to get here on Saturday...but now we're looking at sometime between Monday night and Thursday night. Maybe. I loooooove Ramen noodles, so I did not mind the idea of having them for dinner tonight. But, my microwave mysteriously stopped working a few days ago and I always make my Ramen in the microwave. Today I did it on the stove top and guess just didn't taste as good. Even worse, I had to dirty two dishes instead of one. And, yes, I ate the baby food in the background. I'm going to knit some little covers for the jars and use them to store my needle tips. I asked a friend who has a baby who actually eats baby food to save for me, but she didn't seem willing, so I figured I'd just eat it myself. Fruit Medley is not bad. 
10-1935-More telly. That's English for tv. :) (I'm training myself to pepper my speech with British words and phrases so I'll get better at Countdown.) :) Big Love. This show is pretty wacky, but I enjoy checking it out by the season from the library. 
11-2000-Dessert! Cookies from my cookie party! I have so many left in my freezer! That's the best thing about the cookie party. I just pulled these cranberry-white chocolate-oatmeal that my friend Sandi made, let them sit out for a little while and had one for dessert. 
12-2230-This book is all messed up now... I probably jinxed David's return by thinking of this super-sweet idea and spending an entire day making it. It's a countdown to his return, started 13 days ago "13 days until the 13th" kind of thing. I've just been writing him a little note each day and he'll get it when(ever) he gets here. You can see how my timing is off. I was supposed to just write one more message on day Zero. Now, I'm going to have to staple more pages to the back! :( 


Jill said...

I think the book is a GREAT idea... very creative and thoughtful! Maybe a second book instead of stapling more pages. Just a thought. :)

Thanks for sharing your 12!

Dogeared said...

I love the book idea, very thoughtful! And the frog idea is good too - starting the day productively as well as unpleasantly means hey, should get better but you've also done something!

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