Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Step One: Check!

Why is it that when I actually have something *moderately* exciting, or at least interesting, to blog about, I can't do it!?!
I didn't want to post about my cruise without any photos, but I couldn't post any photos without my USB cord! My USB cord is stuck in my friend Jessica's house while she is away on vacation. Rather than breaking-and-entering, I decided to find another extra one in the box with all the other computer-related cords in it. And what do you know? I did find one!

So now my photos are on my computer and I can share my cruise experience in excruciating detail.
But, I've been sitting here at the computer for SO long, loading, saving and naming my pictures that I just can't sit here any longer.
A longer, prettier blog entry will just have to wait until tomorrow. AFTER I go to the commissary, ATM & library. I have no food, no money (and I owe my friend 20 pounds...but another friend owes me 20 pounds, I just remembered), and overdue books. So, I am determined not to have any bloggy-fun until I'm done with my chores!

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uncle bi!! said...

I'm trying to lose 20 pounds!

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