Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Ship Came In!

We spent one day in Fort wasn't quite as long as my travel day, but it still was a long, hot day.
We rode the water taxi, went to a museum, had lunch, went shopping and rode the water taxi some more. Both of us were sweating, and I was dreaming about being in the pool. I was tempted to just cancel the cruise and just hang out for a week by the Hilton's pool.
We were fairly exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel to "change for dinner" so we decided to get pizza delivery instead!
The next day I woke up and looked out on the balcony:


It was our ride! So neat to see our big ship sitting there waiting for us! (We could see it better in real life... it's the one over my shoulder with the "whale tail" sticking up. And, I have no idea why I look so strangely shaped in this photo.
David woke up and looked in the pizza box. Cold pizza for breakfast might hit the spot.
I don't know if this part of the story is true, but I didn't care to check it out... he said there was a giant Okinawa-style cockroach in our pizza box!!!!
I was completely disgusted. David tried to comfort me by saying "but I'm sure it didn't come with the pizza. It must've already been in the room somewhere."
Suddenly, any inkling I had of just staying in Fort Lauderdale instead of cruising was gone!
We walked to Walgreens, stopped for a quick, roach-free brunch at Einstein Brothers Bagels (David had a Ruben, I had a toasted bagel w/honey butter and a yummy strawberry creme drink)
After a super-quick cab ride, here we were:

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