Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Since I don't want to clear my table...

I've been spending some time digi-scrapping. I love it! A-I love being on the computer. B-I love that I don't have to clean up after myself before (or after) (or leave the mess out for three weeks) C-You can change things over and over again and never have "cutters remorse" or busy yourself trying to pull up something you already stuck down and changed your mind about. D-You can collect lots of supplies for FREE! I love free! E-You can buy even more supplies on-line and get them right that very minute! No waiting for shipping or driving 25 minutes to the mailbox! F-I can e-mail them right to my friends that are in the pictures and they feel special. G-You can "tag" your digi supplies (I'm using Picasa and LOVE it!) and the computer keeps them way more organized than you could ever dream of keeping your real supplies. H-(this goes along with g)-If you're looking for a yellow flower, you just type "yellow flower" and the search engine pulls a bunch of them out of your file in like .011 seconds, rather than finding your box of flowers, digging through to find a yellow one (maybe), forgetting where you were even planning to put the yellow flower, and then having to put it all away (or leave it out). I-Digi-LOs make an excellent computer screensaver!
But don't worry... I still love my paper-scrapping too and I'm not giving it up!
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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you're scrappin'.
Better yet-no clean up.
love aunt m

DianaQ said...

Cool layouts!!
What software do you use for digi-scrapping if I might ask?
Glad to hear you're doing well in England ^_^

- DianaQ

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