Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crossing the Pond

Heading back to the USA tomorrow, only to leave it on Sunday.
I have to leave sooooooooo early in the morning to catch the base shuttle to the airport @ 5:15. Aiming to leave the house at 4:00, that way I'll be sure to leave by 4:30. Gosh that's early. That should get me to the airport by flight is at noon, but the next shuttle doesn't arrive until 10, and that's if traffic is good and I hear there's construction. I'd rather busy myself with knitting (wanted to finish a cardigan to wear on my trip anyway) or reading at the airport for a few hours than freak out that I might miss my flight...and my subsequent flight.

David should be waiting for me @ the airport in Fort Lauderdale when I get there at midnight. We have one day to spend on dry land before we hop on the cruise ship. I'm beginning to wish that we would've just gone with the all-inclusive resort. I'm sure the cruise will be awesome and fun, but packing for it is a real pain! I'm trying to take the same tiny suitcase that I took to Cabo (and I'm pretty sure I was there longer than the cruise) and it's not working!
Also... when I was in Cabo, everyday was HOT and sunny. Checked the weather for my trip and what do you know... the day we're in Ft. Lauderdale, rain. The day we're in Key West, rain. The day we're in Ocho Rios, rain. Pretty sad when I'd have a better chance at a sunny vacation if I just stayed here!!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to go on cruise at least once, but in my opinion, the right 'all inclusive' can't be beat. as for packing, you never use half the stuff you take. have a fun safe trip. Moby's little wet nose is waiting for you. love Mom

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