Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's me, Moby!

Hi People! At least I think it is people that read words on this box. I usually see my people sitting here. Especially the Girl People that came here a few days ago. I know that that Girl People likes to sit here and read this box, so yesterday I decided to sit on this sitting thing and warm it up for her before she woke up. I did that because I am Moby and I am nice and that was a nice thing to do. The Girl People even said, "Moby, You are such a nice boy!" before she sat down and that made me smile my kitty smile because I am Moby and I have a beautiful kitty smile. I am Moby and I love to smile.

My People That I Used to Live With came here to see me on Thursday. They brought me my very favorite thing and that is called Big Rolling Boxes. Oh boy do I love getting inside those Big Rolling Boxes. My People always bring those things because they know how much I love them. I couldn't even wait until they got all of the other people stuff out before I jumped inside. My Man People even gave me a ride when I was sitting in one of the Big Rolling Boxes! That was a really fun thing called a blast! My People went to sleep and I really wanted to go to sleep with them, because I am Moby and sleeping with people is what I do very very well. But I really wanted to stay inside one of those Big Rolling Boxes. So I just waited until my People were already sleeping and then I went in to join them and of course, I had to say "It's Me, Moby! I am here to sleep with you, so wake up okay? And then we can go to sleep!" People do not like to sleep like me. I am a cat and I sleep a lot, but I also wake up a lot. People sleep like this: Sleep. Sleep a lot. Sleep a lot longer. Then wake up one time. I do not like to sleep like that. I like to wake up a lot and maybe find other People in the night. I have lots of good places to sleep here so I like to move around a lot. But I really love to sleep with my People and lay on them and sometimes step on their heads while they are trying to sleep. One of the best things about being Me, Moby, is sleeping with My People!
After two very long people sleeps and too many kitty sleeps to count, MORE people came here! I am Moby and so I have a lot of People. All the People love to come here and say what a big cat I am. That's me, Moby. I am a big cat with a lot of People and a nice kitty smile who is very good at sleeping. There were so many People here. I can't believe they all just wanted to come here at the very same time to see me! My sister Morgan gets a little bit scared when all the People come, but she likes my Girl People and the Man People That I Used to Live With who came here on Thursday and she loves my Lady People that takes good care of us every day very much. But the other People, she gets kind of scared because she is called a scaredy-cat. Morgan went into our Lady People's room and stayed there the whole time. I am not a scaredy-cat. I am Moby and People love to come see me, and I love to see them. The People That Are Not Big are a little bit scary though. If I were a scaredy-cat, I would be very scared of the People That Are Not Big. Since I am Moby and I am not a scaredy-cat, I am only a tiny little bit scared. They like to chase me and touch me and they talk very loudly. So when lots of the People That Are Not Big get here, I hide under the chair. I do not like to hide in my Lady People's room because then I cannot hear all the people talk! I love to spy on the people talk. It helps me learn new words so I can write in this box when my Girl People lets me do that.
When it was just me and My People left, Morgan came out of our Lady People's room and we played bowling. That makes my Lady People scream a lot. It hurt Morgan's ears, but we were both very tired after all of the exciting events of the day, so we just stayed in our cat beds. Then all of my People left! The house was so quiet, and Morgan and I didn't know what we should do. So we just stayed in our cat beds until our People got back. I wonder where they went. When they came back, they wanted to go to sleep. So of course that meant I had to get out of my cat bed and go help them go to sleep. I am Moby, and sleeping is one of the things I am very very best at. And helping is the other thing. So when it comes to helping people go to sleep, I am a very very expert at that!
Now it is the afternoon and my People are all awake. But it is time for me to go to sleep! I hope my Girl People will let me make more words in this box sometime soon. Until then, I will be being me, Moby, and doing what I do and that is called: sleeping, eating, sleeping, snuggling, laying in the sunshine, sleeping, looking out the window, sleeping, and sometimes playing. Don't forget to leave a note for me, Moby!


onescrappychick said...

Moby you are a hoot. I am glad you have your people back for a while... enjoy your sleeps!

SusieH said...

Moby is awesomeness personified. Catsonified?

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