Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wish teachers...

There are a lot of things I wish teachers had/got/could do. For instance, get paid more, get more respect for all the work we do (last week a friend told me she wanted to be a teacher so she could leave work earlier and have more time at home...sure, she could choose to leave work earlier, but then she'd be working during that extra time at home!). I wish teachers had a longer lunch break (I'm jealous of my dad who can go to the gym, run, work-out, and shower on his lunch break...but I don't think he I'd need just a little longer.) I wish teachers didn't have to worry about metal detectors (read 19 Minutes...good book!) or buy their own construction paper.

But yesterday, at the mall (I've completely gotten over my aversion to the mall now), I saw something that made me wish a whole new thing for teachers:

I wish teachers wore scrubs!! How perfect would that be?!? Why on earth hasn't anyone thought of this before??? I don't know the exact reasons that nurses wear scrubs, but I'm guessing it has something to do with long hours, moving around a lot and quickly, and the risk of being splaterred on with a variety of materials, including body fluids...all of which are common for teachers, too!
Plus scrubs are so darn cute! While it is highly unlikely that I would ever wear a sweater with a big ol' apple & worm appliqued right in the middle of it, I probably wouldn't mind a scrub top printed with apples & little worms with glasses all over it. Pair that with a pair of super-comfy looking drawstring pants in a rainbow of colors, and I would LOVE my job! I looked at a scrubs website and found that one color is actually called "Kindergarten Blue" and another "Apple Green" if these things are not meant for teachers, I don't know what is!

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Dogeared said...

Hee! I think new parents/toddler parents should get them too...

And yes, I think our mutual love of TeeVee will ensure we get along very well - give me a shout when you've got settled in the UK, and we could meet up - you're welcome to stay with me, if you want a weekend in London. Would give David an excuse to find the local golf course to where you'll be living?

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